India - Be in the Rendezvous land of color, culture and fauna - Motorbiking in India is an ideal way to explore the unexplored destinations in India. As the name reflect, mountainbiking mostly done in the rugged mountainous terrains in India.

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Motor Biking

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Whats Motor Biking!

Painstaking, challanging, high - risk and demanding - all these words attribute to one word - motor biking. Though it dosen't involve much cost and just a simple bike, it has its dangers over other sports.There are certain things which one should know before biking on the high trek roads, as this is not simply moving around the home town roads on your own bike. It has all the things necessary which is required by a professional biker for a safety ride.

Famous Biking Places :

Motorbiking in Himalaya
Motorbiking in Himalayas
Motorbikig in HIMALAYAS is a dufferent excperience at all. Where the calmness and the sereneness of the himalayas attracts, there are other adventures like skiing which can also be done here.

Himalayan Ride
The Himalayas
The good thing about himalayas is, its a home to a new land. It gives a feeling of outboundness and a ride through the hills on the back of the bike is is a never ending play.

Bullet 500es

The Biking Pack

Royal Enfield » It is the favourite motorbike when it comes to Biking. Classic (350 & 500 cc), Bullet 500ES, Bullet 65, Thunderbird (350 cc), Bullet Electra - X (500cc) are some of the models which are avialble in the Indian Market. These bikes are highly sought after for their odometers (miles) and magneto based systems. Some of the features which you can look for in a Royal Enfield for biking are:

Engine : Four Stroke , OHV (two valves, pushrod)
Bore and Stroke : 84mm x 90mm
Engine Performance : 22bhp(16kw)@5400 rpm
Lubrication : Dry , Slump, positive plunger type
Brakes : Twin lead, drum 7 in, rear drun 6 in
Fuel Consumption : 4.0L/100KM
Dry Weight : 168kg /370 lb
Max Speed : 125km/hr

Places For Biking In India

Kinnaur, Bangalore, Sarnathm Sonmarg , Himalayas, Shimla, Gangtok are some of the places which are best known as Biking grounds in India. Here is a list of the popular biking places India
  • High Roads Of Himachal Pradesh
  • Kinnaur to Karakoram
  • Mount Abu Rajastan
  • Mumbai Maharashtra
  • Bangalore to Sravanabelagola Mysore
  • Pahalgam to Amarnath Jammu and Kashmir
  • Rishikesh Himachal Pradesh
  • Sarnath to Varanasi Banaras
  • Gangtok Sikkim
  • Shimla Himachal Pradesh
  • Soanmarg Srinagar J& K
  • The Himalayas
  • Tiruchirapalli South India

  • What To Take

    Warm Clothings, dark glasses, heavy pair of shoes, High altitude sickness health book and mineral water.

    There are certain dangers while biking which one should remember -
  • Wide, slanty sewer grates - The bikes are attracted to them, take care less you break you neck!
  • Bike Shops - There will many of them who will try to tip you off, stow them away.
  • People who open there car doors without looking - These kind are a lot of mess, but they exist and kill you. Try a good eye on them.
  • Trolley Treks - They keep on slipping and tipping on the bikes. The back or the end side of them are the major killers, especially in the dark. Beware of these hounds, especially in the nights.
  • Absent-minded pedestrians - A lot number of people leave their homes thinking and keep on thinking till their destination. Think for them and stand away from them.
  • The Smells - These can be the biggest disruptions if you are hungry or you are a cleanliness freak. Remember, this is not your home!

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