India - Be in the Rendezvous land of color, culture and fauna - Skiing in India is another form of adventure sports, which is quite popular among the adventure buffs in India. The gliesting Himalayan mountain ranges are famous as ideal skiing destination in India.

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Whats Skiing!

In literal terms, skiing is a sport having a common use of the Skis, light devices which foat on the snow. A lot of bosy balance, tactics of the legs and the flexibility of body is required in this sport. Though simple in its work and attachments, it can be a life taking sport if not causiously played.

In the Olden days Skiing was used as a way of getting from one place to another in packed or crusted snow. As per the Norse yth, Skiing was invented by Skadi - the Snowshoe Goddess. Sondre Norheim from Morgedal is called the "father of modern skiing". In the 19th century, Norheim allegedly improved the bindings to better turn while skiing down hills. The Skiing techniques of the 19th Century were reinvented in the early 20th Century called the Arlberg Technique. Soon these tecniques became famous the world over and were thence used everywhere.

Types of Skiing

People vary in their choice of Camping -

» Nordic skiing : The oldest form of Skiing, it encompasses all types of skiing where the heel of the boot is not fixed to the ski. It includes a wide variety of ski equipments and skiing techniques such as Classic and Skate. It involves cross country skiing, ski jumping, biathlon, and telemark skiing.Nordic skiing Olympic events are Cross country skiing, Ski jumping and Nordic combined, and biathlon FIS Nordic World Ski Championships is one of the most important events in Skiing - World Over. It is also known as Back Country Skiing.
» Alpine skiing : This sort of Skiing attaches both the toe and the heel of the ski boots. Alpine Skiing is also known as Down Hill Skiing. It involves cross country skiing. The mechanical challanges faced by the Skiers are simply how to control the direction and the speed of their descent. Novice skiers apply the technique called the Snowplough Techniqueto turn or stop the ski inwards. The more advanced skiers use the technique called the Parallel turn Technique. Parallel turn involves keeping both skis parallel to each other while altering the weight distribution between them in order to turn them in any particular direction.
Some times both the above techniques overlap each other potentially fitting into each other.

» Randonnée Skiing : It is also known as Off - piste, ski mountaineering and Alpine touring. It includes skiing in unmarked or unpatrolled areas either within the ski resort's boundaries or in the backcountry, frequently amongst trees ("glade skiing"), usually in pursuit of fresh fallen snow, known as powder.

» Telemark Skiing : In this sort of skiing flexible ski boots, either leather or plastic, and do not have their heels locked to the skis are used. This one is dangerous as the venue, speed and technical difficulty associated with the telemark skiing can lead to collisions, accidents, hypothermia and other injury or illness, occasionally including death.

» Military Skiing : The military people use Skiing as a means of transportation rather than as a sport. It is called as Millitary Sports.

» Alpine Freestyle : Arobics when carried on Skiing it is known as Alpine Freestyle.

Famous Skiing Places :
A good place for an expedition. If you are looking for an expedition along your friends then this is one of the best places on earth to go. Less dangerous and beautiful, you have the best of the two worlds at one go.

Skiing in Himalayas
The Himalayas
The best place on earth to ski. The most beautiful, serene, adventurours place, but the more the beauty the more the danger. Excellent place for experts in skiing.

Skiing Himalya

The Skiing Pack

Some of the major equipments used in Skiing are :

Ski Boards : The ski boards should be versatile, lightweight, highly durable with long life. There are a variety of Ski Boards to choose from :

» Alpine skis : These are precise , fast and high performing. These are suitable from the advanced to the racing levels.

» Freeride Skis : These can float through powder, cut through crud, and slice through slush. They are suitable for advanced stage.

» All Mountain and all Terrain bandits : These can easily handle off the piste. 70% on piste and 30% off piste these are suitable for advaned to expert skiers.

» All mountain trailblazers : These are designed for blazing around the blues and the reds. Suitable for the beginners, intermediates and the advance learners.

» Just Cruising : Perfect for cruising along blues and greens these are good for the begineers and the intermediates.

» Carving carvaholics : These are the short, extreme carving skis and are best suited for advanced and expert skiers.

» Nu School : These have twin tips ski boards and jumping skis.

Ski Pole : The Second equipment required in Skiing is Ski poles. Ski Poles consist of a shaft, a handle and a basket.

» Handle : The most common type of Handle is the strap type, with a loop of leather, or a webbing to attach the pole to the wrist.The sword type consists of a moulded guard which extends round the back of the neck.

» Basket : These are used in skiing in the Piste. Usually smaller size piste are used.

» Shaft : These are made of a light metal such as aluminum. They are an important part of Skiing.

» Straight poless : The cheapest of all, these are adequate for all sorts of skiers.

» Aerodynamic poles : Theses are important for down hill races and speed skiers.

Ski Binding : The third most important equipment is the Ski Binding -

» Heel Piece : This releases upwards, opening in a forward fall. Some models offer a diagonal or sideways heel release.

» Toe-piece : A Teflon anti-friction pad under the toe allows the boot to slide easily even when body weight is pushing down on it during a fall.

» Brakes : These are the most important ones, just like the life saving drugs. If the binding releases, the brake springs back down, preventing the ski from escaping down the mountain and causing injury to other skier.

The other things required while skiing are helmets, knee pads, elbow guards, wrist guards, and the ski boots.

Places For Skiing In India

Manali, Himalayas, Shimla, Gangtok are some of the places which are best known as Skiing grounds in India. Here is a list of the popular skiing places India
  • Auli in Garhwal Region , Himachal Pradesh
  • Kumaon Region, Himachal Pradesh
  • Gulmarg Jammu and Kashmir
  • Manali Himachal Pradesh
  • Kufri Himachal Pradesh
  • Narkanda Himachal Pradesh
  • Kuper Himachal Pradesh
  • Shimla Himachal Pradesh
  • Hanuman Tibba Gangtok
  • Deo Tibba Gangtok
  • Chanderkhani Pass Manali
  • The Himalayas

  • What To Take

    Warm Clothings, dark glasses, heavy pair of shoes, High altitude sickness health book and mineral water.

    There are certain things which one should remember while skiing -
  • Take a little bit of training if you are an ametuer skier or not accoustmed to skiing.
  • Learn the basics and learn them well.
  • Consult a Doctor before going, get a edical check up done and carry the necessary medicines where you go.
  • Learn how to deal with High-altitude sickness or high-altitude madness
  • Learn how to bay and handle snow blindness, frostbiting and sun burning. If there is a need call the help or a Doctor.
  • keep the local emergency numbers of the place where you are going always with you.

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