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Ashiyana Ashram

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Its a different kind of retreat here, in the hip place called Goa. Ashiyana which comes under the top 10 best Yoga retreats has developed itself into a Yoga Centre. You can come here on a Yoga retreat or a Yoga Hoilday as you enjoy the pleasures of happening city called Goa.

This Spiritual Home runs on the concept of Satsang - meaning Meeting With Truth. Here in Ashiyana you work to reach the truth of self realization experiencing freedom of thoughts and actions. Silent Meditation in the midst of Natural Beauty - both help you come out of your carves and develop a realistic self - esteem. Satyananda is what is preached here and followed.

Fast Facts
» Location - Ashiyana Tropical Retreat Centre, Junas Waddo, Mandrem, Goa
» Accessibility - Direct Buses and Cabs from Panjim to Mandrem.
» Best time - Round the Year
» Visit Timings - 10:00a.m. to 06:00 p.m. *Timings are subject to vary.
» Memebership Fee - Fee depends on the yoga package selected. Further information on enquiry only.
» Other Branches - Spain, Portugal

Famous Facets:
Its the old wine served in the new Glass. More freedom in the concept of Yoga is given here to develop Yoga as a part of life.

Art Workshop
Various Arts, Crafts and Music classes are held in the Ashiyana Ashram. Though all those who join the Yoga Classes here have to attend these classes; but these prove to be real boosters.

Ashiyana Ashram
The Ashram

The Ashram has different Yoga Huts like Eco Lodges, Long Cabana, Well Tree Houses, Lake Houses and the Mango Tree Houses. The price of these Lodges ranges from 43 GBP (Pounds) to 100 GBP on daily basis. For weekly it can range anything between 300 GBP To 800 GBP. The rates are higher in Christmas Season. One yoga Session of 10 Days can cost anything about 550 GBP which is inclusive of accommodation, food and yoga Training on single basis.

A day in Ashram :
  • Early Morning Morning Meditation 07:00 a.m. - 07:45 p.m.
  • Daily Morning Yoga 08.00am-09.45am
  • Evening Self Practice 18.00pm-20.00pm

  • There are different Types of Yoga taught in Ashiyana Ashram. These are - Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Dynamic Yoga, Sivananda, Kundalini Yoga, Iyengar, and Scaravelli Yoga These are explained on reaching Ashiyana.

    The Concept/Ideology

    The whole sole idea of Ashiyana is to achieve Satyananda - the happiness of truth. Though it is very difficult to achieve it in short span of 10 days (minimum days of Yoga Course), it is more difficult for those who achieve it. It is not a easy task to live a truthful life - which they teaching Ashiyana.

    The Concept of Yoga

    Yoga in Ashiyana begins with Satsanga. Including this Satsanga is the Satyananda - a meeting with oneself to find out the truth of happiness lying within oneself. Satyananda is a gift which brings out the deepest stimuli from inside - the path towards happiness begins from here. There are a few steps one has to follow once he is in Ashiyana.
  • Its your second home, be free here and happy.
  • Try to attach yourself with nature. Getting up early is not the question, its how much you can hear in silence.
  • As you sit in the position of meditation, be in that state not only from body but also mind.
  • There are different workshops here one has to participate in - the Art, Music and Craft Classes.

  • The idea is not to become a Yogi but to have a hold on the Spirit to refrain it from divulging. Purity of mind and cleansing of thoughts is to be achieved here - by living in the world and not running away from the world.

    Our Suggestions
    • This is a place which gives you a lot of freedom - to talk, walk and sit ideally. But its strict on two things - Yoga Classes and maintenance of Silence.
    • The minimum days of Yoga Class is 10 days. It cannot be shorter than this. So its better to pre book yourself.
    • Seperate Cottages are allotted as per availability but rules have to followed.
    • Ashiyana is not very far away from Panjim - the Capital of Goa. It can be easily reached via Bus, Cab or self vehicle.
    • The Food served in Ashiyana is purely Organic. The other option is the Veggies grown in the vicinity.
    • Take along necessities like mosquito repellents, torch, lock and key.
    • Its a Strictly Vegetarian place and one has to abide by it. Smoking, chewing tobacco and taking snuff are not allowed at any cost.
    • There are charges/Fees for attending the Yoga Classes in Ashiyana Ashram. There are also Drop - In Yoga Classes, for them too there are charges.
    • For any other assistance, feel free to talk to us.

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