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Manaltheeram Yoga Centre

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South Indian thrives on Yoga. Its a day to day routine. No household can be seen without the concept of Yoga and its practices being imbibed in its generations. Working on the same lines, there in the heart of Kerala is the Manaltheeram Yoga Centre. Manaltheeram a sister concern of "Somatheeram" Ayurvedic beach resort in Kerala.

Situated among the lush greenery, this Ashram is a cool respite from the harsh City conditions. It has a clear base with banayan and coconut trees all around Vedic Science Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Rejuvination Centre and Yoga Classes among the nature, are the true attractions of Manaltheeram Yoga Centre.

Fast Facts
» Location - Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care T.C: 21/558, Bhagavati Lane, Behind Popular Automobiles, Karamana, Trivandrum, Kerala, South India
» Accessibility - Cabs - Easily reachable by road. 21 kms from Trivandrum Airport and 9kms from South Kovalam.
» Best time - October to March end December, January and February are the peak months.
» Visit Timings - 10:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. *Timings are subject to vary.
» Membership Fee - Its differs but the Cottage Fee is upto 200 Euros.
» Other Branches - Seoul, London, Kuwait, Dubai, Dammam(Saudi Arabia) and Keive(Ukrain).

Famous Facets:
South Indian Arts
Various South Indian Cultural programs are held in the Yoga Centre. Kathakali, Bharatnatyam, Mohinattam are some of the dance programs which are held in the evening.

Ayurvedic Health Treatment
Ayurvedic Health Treatment
Manaltheeram Yoga Centre also has one portion completely dedicated to Ayurveda. Take a look here, get one treatment and see the difference. Ayurveda plus Yoga can do wonders to your body and soul. Feel the trans!

The Ashram

Its a place filled with greenery. The cottages are built as the traditional Kerala House. Each and every space has been made as per Kerala Culture. Mananltheeram is not only a Yoga centre but also a beach resort. It has different type of cottages to stay in - Round Thatched Villas and Ordinary Cottages. The Round Cottages are made of mud bricks, have a larger sea view and have a small garden in front of the cottage. Whereas the Ordinary Cottages are made of bricks, have a comparatively smaller sea view, ensuite bath and constant hot and cold water supply. In addition to these there are also Kerala Houses - A/C and Non - A/C.

In addition to these there is locker facility, mail and message handling, car parking, room service, boating, ayurveda treatments, laundry, private beach (of resort and not of individuals), pick and drop facilities and a good restaurant

The Restaurant serves all sorts of Cuisines but there are separate charges for it. The food is not served in the Cottages with exceptions.

The Concept/Ideology

Yoga - where there is a instant stimulation of body and mind accepts the presence of subconscious mind over the body and its functions. Yoga as understood is a stage wise eight fold process to the path of liberation from pain and suffering leading to creativity and perfection. In the eight fold path, the first five are known as Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga is a Psychosmatic Approach wherein the External/Bahiranga yoga is approached. First it is cleansed then the approach shifts to the Internal body. The Internal Yoga or the Antaranga is also known as Raj Yoga. Attaining Raja Yoga is utmost difficult unless the exterior of a man is cleansed.

In order to achieve these, a human understanding is made - his psychological complexities are understood and then laid down to elevate the person from his sufferings. Once so done, the person is then given the knowledge of the heavenly world and then calmed down for a happier life to lead.

Yoga includes these steps :
  • Yama : Conditional Yoga Behaviour
  • Niyama : Various Yoga forms as per personality
  • Pranayama : Control over body and mind through breath
  • Pratyahara : Withdrawal of senses from the outer world
  • Dharna : Concentration
  • Dhyana : Meditation
  • Samadhi : Trans

  • Different Yoga Packages are recommended as per the Doctors Advice which are there in Manaltheeram Yoga Centre. Ayurveda is also suggested sometimes which is a pert of the Centre.

    The Concept of Yoga

    Yoga works on the lines of perseverance, persistence, dedication and total surrender. It grows slowly from within. Merely sitting in a straight position with your eyes closed is not Yoga - its a routine, a method which slowly works on the body to make it more better - physically and mentally.

    Our Suggestions
    • Though Manaltheeram is also a Resort, but the atmosphere remains of a Yoga Centre. Maintain the silence of peace and tranquility here as you are in a Yoga Centre.
    • Full body clad people are more welcomed here than the non ones. Wear considerably decent dress.
    • Facilities like Television and Transistors have been refrained from. The idea is live close to nature so that one gets the maximum benefit from Yoga Classes. Newspapers and other Magazines are there to read.
    • Most of the Yoga classes under the guidance of a teacher are held in the early morning hours. Once you enroll for a class - you are bound to follow the rules.
    • Before joining any Yoga class, consult the Yoga Teacher. Tell him about your disease or any other problem - yoga classes are meant to treat the diseases/maintaing a good health.
    • Food has to be taken in the restaurant. Very old people, people who are sick or people with other considerable health problems are the exceptions.
    • In Manaltheeram Yoga Centre, you cam come and stay along your family.
    • Its a Strictly Vegetarian place and one has to abide by it. No sort of alchohol, smoke and such are allowed here.
    • Some Ashrams have membership fee, some don't. Be Clear about the Membership Fee at the first place.
    • For any other assistance, feel free to talk to us.

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