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Sri Aurbindo Ashram

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Looked upon by the Mother and Sri Aurbindo, the Ashram was established in 1955. However the concept was originated in the year 1926 on 24th November. With 24 disciples and Mirra Alfassa (who later on came to be known as Mother to the world), the Sri Aurbindo Ashram developed into a full fledeged Ashram. The Sri Aurbindo Ashram is a Public Charitable Trust formed by Mother. The main Aim of the Ashram is to develop the Yoga Shakti - a power which can be utilized to work for the humanity. The whole concept revolves around achieving Sat- chit - ananda - Supreme Consciousness.

Fast Facts
» Location - Bureau Central, Information Centre of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Cottage Complex, 3, Rangapillai Street, Pondicherry
» Accessibility - Bus Services, Cabs - Easily reachable by road.
» Best time - December to January
» Visit Timings - 06:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m. *Timings are subject to vary.
» Membership Fee - No fee. Further detail on enquiry from the Ashram only.
» Other Branches - Arkansas Ozark Sri Aurobindo Center P.O. Box 10, Hwy. 43, Ponca, AR 72670 USA; Canada

Famous Facets:
Sri Aurbindo
Sri Aurobindo and the Mother
The Founders and believers of the concept of the Selfless Duties, these are revered no less than Gods. The basic ideology is to attain the highest without renunciation from the world.

Matri Mandir
MatriMandir, an important place for the Sadhaks of Sri Aurbindo Ashram. No one is taken here on their first visit.

Matri Mandir
The Ashram

The Ashram has been formed to maintain the ideology of healthy and cheerful people - who have achieved the blessings of God, spread the happiness to all others. The works here are done to attain the ideology that a new world will be made - with equality, full spirited people - engaged in making the world happy and free spirited. Great care is taken to develop a healthy mind and Body. No religion is practised here. Happiness in oneself and spreading this happiness is considered to be the main Reiligon which is practised here. The Smile which comes from within is thought of Divine.

A day in Ashram :
  • Early Morning Morning Meditation which has to be completed before 6 o'clock in the morning
  • Yoga and its Practice in addition to the Spiritual sayings of The Mother or Father
  • Studying Yoga and music. Doing work in various departments of the Ashram like itchen, garden, dispensary, farms, art gallery, playground, guest houses and so on.
  • Doing Designated Work in the Evening

  • There are a number of Departments in the Ashram like the Library, Ayurvedic Centre, Photo Section, Sanskrit Department, Theatre, Dance and Music Hall, Embroidery Section, Guest Houses and so on. The Sadhaks help and work to maintain all these.

    The Concept/Ideology

    Sat-chit-ananda - the Supreme Consciousness, is the Concept and feeling one has to achieve here. It is not a easy job, for where other emphasize on liberating oneself from the birth and death cycle of life, Sri Aurbindo teaches to bring down that relation with God or feeling of happiness back to world and spread it all over. He harness people how to be happy and then spreading the smile to others. According to the satchitananda, the sadhaks of the internal yoga must spend one third of their life in useful work. The work done is to get rid of ego, rajas and desire - which are the seals of ignorance.

    The Concept of Ultimate Truth

    Doing Yoga and achieving the God means the will to overcome all attachments and look towards the divine power for peace and solace....- This is the concept which is followed by all the followers of the Sri Aurbindo Ashram.. So all the work which is done by the Sadhaks is in way of improving the work so that it becomes suitable to offering to the divine. And the work is done without remuneration - to empower selflessness. Yoga and Meditation are the main force behind the selfless work done by the Sadhaks or the members of the Aurbindo Ashram.

    Our Suggestions
    • When you reach Sri Aurbindo, ask for a Guided Tour. In the Tour you will be taken for a trip to Samadhi, given collective meditation, taken for exhibitions and a round about of the Ashram in the Ashrams Auto care Services.
    • Don't wear a skimply clad cloth here. Though there are Forigen Sadhaks in the Ashram, they love to respect the fully covered people
    • If you do not get accommodation in the Ashram for any reason, there are a number of hotels and restaurants around the Ashram to take shelter..
    • There are TTC Express Bus Service, TPTC General Bus Service and a nearby Railway Station to take you to the Ashram.
    • Visitors from abroad must be registered in the government's Foreign Registration Office and only few of the guest houses are authorized to do so. Make further enquiry before reaching the ashram.
    • Being a Spiritual Disciple is a tough task, ask each and every detail if you intend to be one. Ask if you be allowed to meet you family members afterwards or vice versa.
    • Its a Strictly Vegetarian place and one has to abide by it.
    • Some Ashrams have membership fee, some don't. Be Clear about the Membership Fee at the first place.
    • For any other assistance, feel free to talk to us.

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