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Some of the best places in Thiruvanathpuram to see are the Puttan Malika Palace, Travancore National Zoo and the city itself. Its also famous for Ayurveda and its practices. The main backwaters of Thiruvanathpuram are Thirubvallam and Veil. The Climate of Thiruvanathpuram is hot and humid in the summers but the winters are pleasant here.

Fast Facts :
  • Location : Kumarakom, near Kochi, Kerala
  • How to Reach : Kumarakom is 15 kms from Kottayam on the Main Central Road which links to Trivandrum to Cochin International Airport.
  • Distance : NH 220 at Koyattam goes to Thenni via Peermady and Thekkady. 90 kms south east of kochi. NH 49 to Thripunirhra
  • Price for Houseboats : Rs 10,000 - 15000 /-
  • Best Time to Go : Indian Winters - October to February end
Drift Wood Museum
Bay Island Driftwood Museum
As you get of from your Houseboat at Kumarakom Jetty, you will see a distinctive building with its pillared verandah and sloping roof. This building is a Museum which houses 'The Art of The Sea' , chiselled driftwood gathered from the sea shores of Andaman and Nicbar Islands in Bay of Bengal. Its a must see for all those who come here.

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary
Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary
This Bird Sanctuary houses some of the rare birds like sot heron, darters, storks, teals and common egrets. Spread in a area of 14 acres, this Bird Sanctuary can be covered by a boat too. Or take down the trekking trek of 1 and 1/2 km long walking trek. And before you enter the Sanctuary do pick up your handy binoculars.

Kumarakom BackwatersThe Place : Kumarakom

One of the favorite destinations of former Prime Minister of India - Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee Kumarakom is also known as Queen of Vembanad. The placid waters of lake Vembanad makes the backwater cruise a better place. Around the backwaters there is the endless acres of palm fringe lands along the clumps of coir retting in water, fishing boats and boats laden with pots and pans, making a part of roundabout of the waterfront houses.

The backwaters of Kumarakom have to be seen slowly and gradually with each and every sphere to be given enough time. The houseboats of Kumarakom are a sort of small homes which keep on moving on the backwaters from one place to another. The houseboats are capped with superstructures of bamboo and rosewood, panelled with with the mats of screwpine.

Whichever path you choose you will be crossing the palm fringed shores, the pure serene waters of backwater, bay island driftwood museum and the fishing hamlet. At the breaks take a walk across the paddy fields and coconut grooves, mangroves, along freshwater canals. Look for a cuckoo as you see the palm fringes.

The Houseboat

The beautiful Houseboats are one of the main tourist attractions of Kumarakom. With hundreds of them rowing in the waters of Backwaters, it holds an ultimate attraction to those visit Kumarakom each year. Make these backwaters your mobile home for as long as you want. What you will see is a image which you would have never seen earlier, the resorts, temples, museums, villages, villagers, children, men and women at work, paddy fields. You can also make your own itenary with the help of houseboat owners.

Houseboats of Kumarakom are the little homes which float on the backwaters. They generally have one to five bedrooms with attached bath. There is a sun deck which is also the entrance of the houseboat. Inside the sundeck there is the dining room. Near the Dining Room is the Kitchen where a chef prepares food for you while you are on board. Next to it is the bedroom/s with attached bath. The entire furniture and the boat is made of carved wood. The rooms of Houseboat have the facility of being either Air Conditioned or Non Conditioned. There are small windows in the rooms which are covered with colorful or pure white curtains. You can chat with the crew of the houseboat or take tips from the Chef to prepare South Indian Delicacies.

  • The fare taken at the time of booking include meals on board and off-board, air conditioned coaches for sight-seeing and all tea and coffee including snacks. Sight-seeing is also included. Anything extra than this will incur extra charges.
  • Sight-seeing of near by villages will be in Air Conditioned coaches. Non A/C Coaches too can be hired. But whatever your choice, it has to be made at the time of Booking. Once booked there cannot be any changes.
  • The Kitchenette of the Houseboat prepares South Indian Delicacies which can be Vegetarian or Non Vegetarian as per your choice. If you wish to have Continental Food, then you have to inform at the time of booking. No alterations in this regard will be made in the middle of the Cruise.
  • Wear light clothes like Chiffon, Cottons and semi cottons because of the humidity South India has in its air.
  • Keep your own mosquito repellent ointment as there can be mosquitoes around the water.
  • There is First Aid Kit in every Houseboat. So if you require First Aid Kit at any point of time, ask for it. There is no extra charge for it. Doctor can be called when you are near the shore but there are charges for the Doctor Visit which you will have to bear.
  • Avoid the monsoon season of July - Mid September. It rains heavily here in these months and houseboats do not row at this point of time. Apart from these months, the houseboats row in the entire year.
  • Kerala loves its rain waters and so people love to get drenched in the rain water. But as a word of precaution, do get your umbrellas if you don't want to get drenched. Here it pours like the tears of a child, at the smallest mood change and disappears as soon as it came; just like the kids.
  • Ask the Houseboat people what things they will show while on the cruise and which places they will take you while on tour. You can opt for one way or two way tour at the time of booking.
  • For further queries, contact us.

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