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Shopping Malls an Expensive Foray

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By Mukti Sharma

It was not the first time I had visited the Great Indian Place Shopping Mall at Noida. Huge Space, good ambiance, number of food courts, different sections for various thins, a special slot for bride and bridegroom shopping; all in one line. Think of the famous brands and you will find it here. Reebok, Adidas, Lee Cooper, Orra, Archies, Botanica Herbals, Levis, Wills Lifestyle, Liberty, Mc Donalds, Subway, Moti Mahal Deluxe, Vogue, Cannon, West Side, Bizzare – all are placed inside this huge Shopping Mall.

Shopping Malls are mushrooming everywhere. Take one right turn in the Centre of any Major City of India – there is bound to be one. The vastness of Shopping Malls is so much that a City cannot be imagined without a Shopping Mall in its corner. Slowly and gradually people are getting habitual of Shopping Malls. The main objective of shopping has centered down to one roof, under which all the major shopping can be done. Be it Delhi , Mumbai, Calcutta or Madras, there are so many shopping malls that one looses count of it. These days Shopping Malls are popping up like Mushrooms not leaving smaller cities like Lucknow (Sahara Mall) and Hyderabad. Even smaller cities have them too.

But as people are liking more of Shopping Malls – one can shop in Mid June too at outside temperature of 47 Deg C, the charm of Old Age Shopping is fading away. There used to be a time when two – three people would gather and go the local Market for Shopping. Walking on the road, sipping juices and cold drinks or coffee; munching road sides tikkas and Bhelpuris, looking at the shops, talking – shopping was done.

Shopping Malls have changed the entire way of Shopping. These two – three level high storied buildings, fully covered and Air Conditioned, with famous food joints and sections for all sorts of varities, the shopper is at ease. Multiplexes Theaters have made the choice more easy. But despite of all these advantages, these Shopping Malls have a major drawback – the prices. The prices of things seem to be skyrocketing. Go for buying a 2 yrs old baby's clothes - see they began from Rs 200/-. Ask someone for a 2 mts of cloth, out of which the entire attire of the baby can be easily made (with free hand), one ends up paying the hefty price. Rs 200/- is just the beginning, it goes as far as Rs 2000/-. Now that would be something out of which you can buy a piece of Denim for yourself. If you are buying a baby's bottle, it would be something around Rs 150/ -. Cross the road, go to a normal shop, that same bottle would come for Rs 80/-. See the huge difference. Short top, short skirts, priced upto Rs 2000/ - seems to be a small price one ends up for a 2 mtr cloth. And look at that transparent white gala shirt – that comes for Rs 1500/-. Ask the shopkeeper what is so special about it, with a blank face he will tell you – Its Pure Cotton, Madam. Nobody asks them what for they are charging so much.

Suddenly after moving for 2 hrs, you realize your hunger pangs. Turn towards the top floor with food courts. See the Menu -from the starters, the price begins from Rs 250 / - Rs 500. And thats the starters. Now look at the main Menu – Palak Paneer for Rs 200/-, Shahi Korma for Rs 350/-, Mughlai Chicken for Rs 500/-, Sheekh Kebabs for Rs 320/- and the Matar Paneer for Rs 150/ -. If you want to try out something International then be ready to shell out anything between Rs 500/- Rs 800/- for one variety. And as you order all this, suddenly you have a rich – richy feeling ; something quite different from what you used to feel while eating the chicken tikka from the street vendor while shopping in the market.

After eating this sumptuous looking meal, which costed your pocket a life, you begin your shopping spree ( spree as you literally throwing your hard earned money in the hands of beautiful quacks!). Look at those cute baby shoes. How lovely, new design and the colors, yes they are beautiful. Ready to pay. Just Rs 420/- . What you hear that sound! Did I read it right???? Rs Four hundred and twenty for a Two Year Olds Shoes – who doesn't even know how to put feet on the ground – forget walking!!! Gosh! Suddenly the Air Conditioner seems to be Room Heater. And you feel like fleeing away ..... And as you are walking away, dragging away your little one, there is the Multiplex Theater. Inox or PVR or any other such movie theater. And that is a good respite. Lining up, its going to be a good rest. As you reach the counter, naming the running movie and tickets for two – Rs 600/- comes the reply. At this point you almost faint.

The day flies away without the murmur, your head heavy, legs tired and the back giving up. With large holes in the pocket, you come out smiling, thinking – at last its over.

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