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Adalaj Ki Vav

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By Adi Vayu

Is a pleasant stay in the City of Ahmedabad, whenever I visit the city. The dusk, the clean shaven roads and the greenery. But away from all these, there is something which identifies the city. Its not the world famous Akshardham Temple of Gandhinagar City, but a Step – Well constructed by the Rani Rudabai in 1499 A.D. This step well, which is the most beautiful architectural marvel of Gujarat holds attraction for thousands of its visitors.

As the legend goes, Sultan Beghara was attracted to the beauty of Rani Rudabai – the queen of Vaghela King – Veer Singh. On getting a refusal from her, he killed the King Veer Singh and again sent the proposal. Seeing the intentions of the adamant Sultan she begged to complete the Steep Well, she had begun in the memory of her Husband. Sultan agreed and the Queen took another 20 years for the completion of the Vav. The sultan then again sent the proposal, upon which the Queen took a Jal Samadhi in the Adalaj Steep Well. Today this Adalaj ki Vav stands telling the eternal love story.

Situated 18 kms North of Ahmedabad main City, at the crossing called Adalaj, which is a tri section, this place cover s a very large area. The entire Vav is split into 5 levels. The Vav has pillars and walls which are ornately carved. There are gaps in each level which take you to the lower level. Leaves, flowers, fishes, birds and other designs fill the walls and pillars. At the entrance of the Vav there is a small Temple of Mata Rani. Everyone who visits this Temple prays for the Spirit of Rani Rudabai whose spirit is supposed to still lurking here.

The uniqueness of Adalaj Ki Vav lies in the fact that there are Islamic Motifs too are carved on the walls of this Hindu Vav. The details of how this Vav was constructed is also written in Sanskrit and Pali language. The Vav also works as a air – conditioner as there is a sharp difference of six degrees between the outside and inside temperature. Water from this Vav was used for irrigation purpose and for drinking water too. Its splendid to see all this.

On the top of the Vav there are Graves of the Workers who built the Vav – not all of them though! This five stories, Indo – Islamic octagonal Step well is one of the main attractions of Ahmedabad City. If you are in Ahmedabad you cannot miss it out. Just like the Chisti Jali and and the Jhoolti Minarets, Adalaj Ki Vav is a reminense of the past.

* The best way to reach Adalaj Ki Vav is through the near railhead or through the Ahmedabad Airport. Well connected from Ahmadabad City, it can be reached by road within 30 minutes. You will have to take a Taxi as the City of Ahmedabad does not have Autorickshaws. .

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