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Chakrata - Destination Unexplored

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By Divya Sambhal

Not many people have heard the name of Hill Station called – Chakrata. Now there are two ways to reach Chakrata – one through Vikasnagar of Dehradun or via Mussoorie. Chakrata as small, unexplored hill station near Dehradun of Uttaranchal. Its one of the best places for two people to go on a drive.

Put your bags in the back of your, catch the National Highway 58 ( which goes through Mussoorie) and set off for your destination – Chakrata. There on the way, you might find the Grand Cheetal. This mid -sized restaurant comes with all the comforts a traveller can ask for. Have your lunch here; even if you are not hungry. If you really don't want to eat, then get a lot of stuff packed for the onward journey. The road from here gets goosy with lots of round trips up and down the hill. The scenery here is the most beautiful – lush greenery with wild colored flowers and high mountains. The tall tress and the yellow flowers fill the roads.

On this road you will meet Kempty Falls and Yamuna Pul ( Bridge). Walk here with your car slowly as there is a lot of traffic here until and unless you are quite early – before 7 in the morning. As compared to Kempty Falls, the Yamuna Pul is beautiful and cleaner. Its filled with fields of yellow and green color. Have your tea here and some snacks too as from here till Chakrata – the next 50 kms there are no tea stalls or restaurants. Fill your stock with fresh fall water for drinking purpose. The road from here becomes less widened, with rocky path. It seems you are in the midst of a large grassland with lots of greenery, beautiful flowers and lakes. The water is blue here with brown color added to it from the hills.

In Chakrata your most probable stay can be at one of the Forest House which are prominent in this area. There is utter silence in these Houses, with not much of a mankind around. After a ride of two and a half hour with no restaurants and people, this looks like a heaven. The Chowkidar of the Forest House will bring you the most wanted warm tea – big cups filled to the brim! That s more than we could have asked for!

It will be evening by the time you reach Chakrata, sitting in the verandah sipping tea would be the best thing you will feel like doing at this moment Chakrata is a cosy warm place – but crowded with people – not from outside but with the people of the village. Established by Col Humes and his Officers, this place is a quaint one. Sit here by the fields, walk on the roads, play around the fields, walk through the treks and see the thick deodar forests. The colors of yellow, green, pink, purple add to the beauty of this small town. People are simple and so is the village.

There is a small Chakrata Bazar – its one of the best places to buy the daily stuff including vegetables. In Forest houses you have to purchase the vegetables and give it to the Chowkidar. Its only then he will prepare the food or you will have to ask him to bring the vegetables.

Stay here away from everyone enjoying the ridges of the Hill Top, walk amongst the Oak, rhododendron and deodars. Its one of the most beautiful places you would have ever seen....

Fact File :

You can reach Chakrata by road only. The Fliers and the Trains will take you only upto Dehradun. From there you have to hire a taxi. Or if you are living in nearby stations like Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, then its better to take your own vehicle. Chakrata is at an altitude of 7000ft. In Garhwal District of Uttarakhand. The route for Chakrata will begin from Delhi via Vikas Nagar. Pass through Grand Cheetal to Mussoorie and the Mall. From here go via Library point in Mussoorie. Then comes the Kempty Falls and then the Yamuna Pul. From Yamuna Pul, its a drive of 2 and Half hours to Chakrata.

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