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Khajuraho and North India

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By Shreya Sanyal

Another face of India is the Northern India. India has the unique ability to see the different phases of life in a lively manner. Rainbow colors and the lights filling the streets have the ambiance of the North India. And so is the works of North India.

If you reach the Chattarpur Station of Madhya Pradesh, you will stand on a road which will take you to the UNESCO World Heritage Site called the Khajuraho Temples. Depicting the Hindus – Madhya Pradesh being a major Hindu Society, the Temples were made by the Chandela Rajputs. Chandelas ruled this part of India from 10th to 12th century and it took 100 years to build the Khajuraho Temples. Out of the 80 Temples which were originally made only 22 now stand. Much of the preservation these days is being done by Archaeological Survey of India.

Most of the Khajuraho Temples are dedicated to the Hindu Gods – Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. According to the Hindu Scriptures which are more prevalent in the Northern India – Brahma is the creator of the Universe, Vishnu is the Protector and Lord Shiva is the Destructor. Based on this North Indian Mythology, the Khajuraho Temples have been dedicated to these Hindu Gods. Out of all the Temples. Some of them have also been dedicated to the Jain Clan.

Each of the Temple is based upon the North Indian Shikhara Temple Styles. The Panchayatana style too has been added. As per the North Indian style, each of the Khajuraho Temple had four subordinates shrines and the main shrine is in the middle of these four shrines. Today one can see some of the shrines surrounding the Temples. Each of the Temples have been given a different name, have a separate area full of greenery and each has the description of its own.

Though all of the 22 Khajuraho Temples are surrounded by a single thick stone walled boundary; those in which still the Puja/ Prayer is done have a separate closing and opening time. The Temples are made in three directions – Western, Eastern and Southern.

Each of the Temples have the Shikaras (Spires), to create a base for the main shikara over the sanctum. As per the Northern Style of Architecture, a base is the most important part of any building. All the angles and gradients are put into count before taking the ground for sanctum. Each Temple has two sanctums – subordinate and main. In each of the Khajuraho Temple there is a Ardhamandapa – Porch, Mandapa – Assembly Hall, Antarala- Vestibule, Garbhagraha – Underground room, and the sanctum sanctorum.

Irrespective of the location of the Temples, what is of more importance to the people who study the Khajuraho Temples is the statues and the Carvings. Though the Temples do not contain any Erotic art inside the Temple but the outside carvings of these are filled with Erotic Depictions. The outer carvings also depict human bodies and the changes in the body of human beings as it changes from time to time. The daily life of human beings have also been depicted in these carvings. According to some the black magic or Tantrickism has also been depicted in these carvings.

Despite of all these Controversies, the Khajuraho Temples display the developing art of landscape Archaeology – a stream which has caught with todays line – a perspective which North India Dwells in....

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