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Amusement Parks - Best Family Outing

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By Padma Sambhave

Life in a Metro City is always on a run. Getting up early and closing eyes late. Peace seems to have run away a long distance. Large sounds of Honks, horns and bikes swarming around day and night, people talking and walking all the time, high pitched television, loud sound speakers – all of them are a part of daily city life.

Saving oneself from this daily rush, going out on an excursion seems to be a good idea. But then its not always possible to go out for a days excursion. Sometimes we don't have the time, sometimes its the budget and at other times all don't agree for the same destination. A market place is something common but not everybody likes to be in the market, a theater sounds good, but not all love to watch a movie. Turning up for all the things an Amusement Park seems to be a better idea then the rest.

The Land of India has abundance of Amusement Parks and they seem to be growing day by day. Be it the Ocean Park of Hyderabad, Nicco Park of Kolkatta, Essel World of Mumbai or the Veegaland Park of Cochin. Going to any of these parks can be entertaining for the entire family. With the mass of Entertainment funs and rides, these can be playful in the manner the kids like them. Most of the theme parks have a variety of Rides, variety of food courts and a lot of space for the children to play. The various rides keep the children engaged, in addition it gives then full entertainment and also the time to develop themselves.

In a Theme Park not only there are Rides for the children but also the elders. These rides keep both of them engaged for long hours, keeping their minds away from day to day hassels; taking them to a new world. The other good thing about the Theme Parks is that the Amusement Parks are usually near from the City, making them easily accessible.

Not very expensive, the tickets of the amusement parks range from Rs 200/- to Rs 300/- per person. One ticket of an amusement park usually includes six to seven rides per person. Apart from this, all other expenses have to be borne by the person. Tickets for the children are priced half of the adults.

Some of the amusement parks also have shopping complexes from one can buy varities of clothings. The shops have top branded cloths and shoes shops. Some even have soft toys shops. But these have to be paid for from your own pocket. These are not paid for by the Amusement Park Authorities. Apart from the rides, the theme parks also have the water parks. These water parks have a variety of water themed rides. Again they are so priced that everyone can enjoy these rides. There are water pools, water rides and water falls in which one can play. The usual time of opening of theme parks is 11:00 a.m,. o'clock in the morning and the closing time is 6:00 p.m. In the evening (Its a generalized time which runs throughout the country).

Fact File :

Take Spare clothes along. Don't take any valuables with you. If you do take, keep them in the lockers which are given by the Theme Parks. If you have very little children with you, don't take them along as they are not allowed inside the park. Eatables are not allowed inside the Theme Parks ; so in any case don't take them along. Most of the theme Parks are 5 – 10 kms away from the city, so if possible take your own vehicle or hire a taxi – to and fro.

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