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Desert Festival Fair

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Desert Festival Fair is held in the sands of Jaisalmer city, representing the heat and the cold of the sand dunes. Jaisalmer, the city of Royal Palaces and Havelis is one of the most beautiful cities of Rajasthan. It is here that the Desert Festival Fair is celebrated every year.

Every year in the months of January and February, the city of Jaisalmer comes to life with the sun dunes and the traditional music of Rajasthan. All around the city, there are colors, lights and trinklets which come out with the vibes. There is this wonderland which brings out the ages old Jaisalmer to Life.

About Desert Festival

The legend goes like that while Lord Krishna was lying on his death bed he proclaimed that one day Descendant of Yadavs ( Lord Krishna himself was from Yadav Clan) will one day build a Kingdom on the Trikuta Hills. His prophecy became true when in 1156 A.D. King Rawal Jaisal left his Lodurva Fort and declared the city of Jaisalmer built on the Trikuta Hills as his Capital. It is the same clan which made the Jaisalmer City prosperous. With loads of precious silk and spices crossing the territory to reach Sindh, these cravens earned a lot of money for the city, thus adding prosperity and name to the City of Jaisalmer. To make merriment of this auspicious day, the Desert Festival Fair Day is celebrated each year on the sands of the Thar Desert of Jaislamer.

Jaisalmer Fort
Jaisalmer Fort
What more elegant can be then the mighty Fort of Jaisalmer built in the 12th Century. The Snadstone Fort, still stands with full Vigor and Vitality, attracting its visitors. One of the most charming man made structure in the City of Jaisalmer, its the best showcase of the yesteryears.

Gadi Sagar
Gadi Sagar
One of the most popular attractions of Jailsamer used to be the only reservoir of water in the olden days. This Man Made water reservoir was made by King Raja Raswal - the first ruler of Jaisalmer. The main attractions here are the Chattris, Temples, Shrines and Ghats surrounding the Gadi Sagar.

Desert Festival FairDesert Festival:
Celebrated in the Thar Desert with the Jaisalmer Fort as the background, the Desert Festival goes on for ten days with a lot of fanfare. The base of the Fort is circled by a wall of solid rocks and stones over which the Trikuta Hill projects itself in a majestic way. As you stand on the sands you can see the colors of Rajsathan in each and every form. Camels with the colorful backs and the dancers dressed in colored red and black can be seen from a distance.There are the famous snake charmers, dancers, musicians, chanters, gymnasts adding to the charm of the Desert Fair. To add more there are popular Rajasthani Puppet Shows and the Ghoomar Dance.

A number of competitions too are held. Like the turban tying competition, longest mustache competition, best dressed Rajasthani, camel polo, camel race, camel dance, traditional rajasthani dance competition and so on. But this does not stop here. The fair goes on in the night too. There is dance and music programme in the night. Those who want to spend the night in the sand dunes can enjoy the sands by spending the night amongst the artists. The night in the sand dunes have a different experience. The day when Desert Festival Fair is held the night has a Full Moon. In this Moon Lit Night the entire Desert comes to life, with each and every sphere lighting up with the glowing sand. The 12th Century fort of Jaisalmer built in yellowstone provides a perfect fairy tale story in this moonlight.

A perfect place, the best days and the frevour of Rajasthani Culture makes it a perfect Holiday. To add the sand dunes are the favourite of all.
Our Suggestions
  • Desert Festival Fair is the perfect place to see the true Culture of Rajasthan. In this one place you can see all the colors. What more the sand dunes are never so welcoming then this time of January and February.
  • There are no fees for seeing the Desert Festival Fair of Jaisalmer as the Fair is organised by the Govt. Of Rajasthan. So if anyone asks for the fees, don't pay.
  • There are best Hotels and Restaurants where you can stay in Jaisalmer during the Fair. For further information, contact us.
  • Desert Fair is also the best place to buy the Rajasthani Souveniers at the nominal price. As a number of Merchants from all over Rajasthan come to sell their products, they are priced less than the market prices.
  • Rajasthani Food is known world over. So if you are in Jaisalmer then do not forget to taste the Rajasthani Delicacies like Dal Bati Choorma and Kheer.
  • For the exact dates of the fair, contact us.
  • For Tours and further information, contact us.

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