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Goa Carnival

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Its an open invitation for all those who can come - for the grand party which goes on for 3 days - 24 * 7. The huge Carnival moves from one part of Goa to another, making merryment in midst of dancers and musicians. The clowns, the local people, children, young and aged all particiapte in this drink and dine party which invites all to come out of their homes, in the streets to dance, play, eat and have fun. Its as if the whole of Goa is on a party.

Goa, famous for its beaches is a happening city which welcomes people round the year. It in the streets of this ever happening city that the Goa Carnival is celebrated. Its a 3 days, non - stop frolic called the Goa Carnival. Goa carnival originated in the Portuguese Society of Goa in the year 1961. The word Go Carnival came from the Latin word Carrus Navalis. Crane meaning Meat and Navalis meaning good bye. So for the three days before carnival there is total abstinance from Meat Eating (though there are discrepencies to this ideology). Some believe that Carrus Navalis is the name of the boat shaped carraige which paraded during Roman festival Saturnalia, in the Honour of the Saturn. The Goa Festival is held in the month of February.

About Goa Carnival

Goa Carnival represents a king of Chaos called the King Momo. Though the Carnival is only for three days, it takes months for its preparation. As the entire city is involved, it looks as if everyone is getting prepared or is making preparations for a grand party. The three day festival is primarly celebrated by Christians, though nowadays whole of the Goan people participate in the festival once its on the streets devoid of the demarcations of caste and creed. In these three days King Momo takes over the state and begins the frevour of dance, music and merryment. For the three days and nights, Goa comes alive and nobody sleeps.

The Goa Carnival is meant to be a feasting - drinking - merrying orgy just before the Austere 40 days of Lent. Huge parades of dance and music bands float out on the streets of Goa with grand balls in the evening and the late night parties going on each and every corner of the Goan Streets. The Goa Carnival ends with the famous Red and Black Dance held in Panjim - the Capital of Goa.

Salim Alis Bird Sanctuary
Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctaury
Very less people know Goa houses the Indians most renowned Ornithologists Wild Life Sanctuary. Here are the thousand of rarest of Birds found, which are blessings for the Birdwatchers.

Bom Jesus Basallica Church
Bom Jesus Basallica Church
Located in Old Goa, 10 kms east of Panjim, is this World Heritage Monument. There in the silver casket lies the sacred relics of the body of St. Francis Xaviers. It is this Holy Body which is main attraction of the Church.

Goa  CarnivalGoa Carnival:
During the Goa Carnival, the whole of the Goa is gripped in the party fever. Preparations of the Gala party begin as early as December and January. Fancy Costumes, Jankias, fortune tellers all prepare to gather the gala. Even the grannies can be found here! In these three days there are competitions, cultural functions, dances, food, wine, which flow thoughout Goa. In some of the Hotels they have the Ash Dance. In this famous dance ( which is picturised in many of the Indian Movies) revelers appear in gaudy costumes and masks and let their hair down in gay abandon, with booze and carousing galore.Mimicry is done and impersonalities of the local characters are inacted. Colored Galores fill the sky, crackers the streets and colors the faces. The masked people dressed in colorful dresses walk in front of the Carnival.

Goa Carnival originated in hedonistic feasts of ancient Greece and Rome. From there it went to Spain and Portuguese colonies. From the Portuguese people it came to India. Huge parades throughout the city are organised with bands, floats, dances and balls. Big and huge patries loaded with a variety of mouthwatering meat and delicious wines are held throughout Goa. On the final day there is the Red and Black Dance which concludes the Goa Carnival.

The Goa Carnival is unique in the sense its not celebrated elsewhere in India. Fun, frolic, song, dance and music are the main attractions of the Goan Carnival.
Our Suggestions
  • Goa Carnival is held in the month of February every year. There are direct flights to Goa.
  • Thousands of people from worlover come to Goa for the Goa Carnival. So its better to book hotel rooms months before as during the Carnival time either the prices of the Hotels are too high or there are no rooms to be booked at all!
  • Goa is thunderous place, if you are coming here then make a plan for at least 10 days. The more you stay here, the better it is.
  • Do not bring along important documents and other valueables as there is a lot of hussle and bussle in the fair. Its better to keep them in the Hotel Locker. Keep India Currency is the best thing to have in festive time.
  • Food is at its best when its Goa. All varities of food be it Indian, Continental, Mexian, Italian all can be found here. They have the best so you can have the best.
  • The weather of Goa is pleasent throughtout the year. Monsoons too are pleasent here as they bring out a different Goa.City has all to fit your requirement, so there is no need to pack anything extra.
  • For the exact dates of the fair, contact us.
  • For Tours and further information, contact us.

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