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Pushkar Fair

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Pushkar Fair, one of the largest Camel Fairs in India is held every year in the month of November in the place called Pushkar. This small Village called Pushkar comes alive in this month with lakhs of Pilgrims coming to the lands of Pushkar. To the world, Pushkar is known as the land where the Worlds Largest Camel Fair is held every year. For the Indians Pushkar is known as the place which is one of the four most important Tirths. Both the reasons are held true for the reason, Pushkar fair is held on the date of the Tirth. So Pushkar plays an important role for both - Indians and Foreigners.
About Pushkar Fair

The Small town Village called Pushkar helds the famous Camel Fair each year in the months of October and November. Here in the rustic sands as the sun flows in, the village rises with the thousands voices of Camels sitting, walking, running or playing in one vast area called the Pushkar Fair. The Fair is held on the banks of the Puskar Lake (which has a total of 52 banks). People from all over the world gather at these banks to celebrate what is called the Camel Fair of Pushkar.

The Fair is held on the day of Kartik Poornima; the day when it is supposed that Lord Brahma on this day sprung up the Pushkar Lake. It is supposed that a dip in this lake once, takes away all the bad deeds of a person and so the person achieves Moksha - Immortality.

Camel Safari
Camel Safari
Pushkar Fair is one of the best places for Camel Safari. With thousands of Camels and Sand Dunes around you, there cannot be a better place than this. So hop on the back of the Camel to get the best out of the ride and the place.

Brahma Temple
Brahma Temple
The only Temple in the entire Universe of the God of Creator of Universe called Brahma, its a temple which must be visited by every visitor of Pushkar. Blessings from the God is supposed to bring to the family and the individual who pays regards to the Divine.

Pushkar FairPushkar Fair :
Pushkar fair is known as the place where the best breeds Camels are sold and bought. These camels in the herds are traded by various merchants who come from all over Rajasthan to make fortune. The Fair goes on for 10 days at a length where apart from selling and buying the camels are number of other plays too go on. On the day of Full Moon or Kartik Poornima, almost 200,000 people flock to Pushkar , bringing with them around 50, 000 cattles. The fanfare involves camel racing and other colorful festivals.

The fairs includes programs like cricket match, football match, classical and devotional musical songs, horse dance competition, camel race, camel dance, folk songs.

There is also the Spiritual Walk or the Pushkar Parikrama. This Parikrma usually held in the early hours of the day is done amongst the traditional songs of Rajasthan. It takes around an Hour to complete this walk around the Pushkar Lake.

Apart from this there is a lot in Pushkar to Shop. There are hundreds of souvenirs to shop like the leather goods, brass utensils, rajasthani embroided clothes, miniature paintings, pottery, puppets, ethnic rajasthani jewellery and more. All these you can find in the various markets of Pushkar known by various names like the Sarafa Bazar, Bada Bazar and the Kedalgunj Bazar.
Our Suggestions
  • Pushkar is a small town Village. Do not expect the supermarkets or Shopping Malls here. Whatever is necessary, bring along. The local Markets of Pushkar cater to the dailt basic needs and nothing more.
  • The months of October and November are the best months to be in Rajasthan. Its the winter time till February end and is also the Tour Time for Rajasthan. So take a tour of Rajasthan too.
  • Take your daily food in your booked Hotel is you are not well acquainted with the local food. However you can try the local food under the guidance of your travel guide.
  • There are direct Trains to Pushkar. To reach the town you have to take a cab. There are no filghts to the Pushkar town, however there are flights to major cities of Rajasthan.
  • For the dates of the Fair, contact us!
  • For Tours and further information, contact us.

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