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Sonepur Fair

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It was in Sonepur that the first meeting of Indian Association of Cow Protection took place. It was in this Sonepur Mela that the Freedom Fighter Veer Kunwar Singh took the place for inspiring Indians to stand against the Britishers. Its the place which led to the launch of Struggle Movement against the Britishers in Bihar.

But long before this, during the reign of Chandragupta Maurya used to buy and elephants and horses across the banks of river Ganges. From that time, Sonepur Fair is known as the largest Cattle Fair of Asia. Today, it takes place annually for 21 days every year, in the same place in the month of November. Sonepur is the town; Sonepur is the place in Bihar where this huge Fair takes place. Just like the Pushkar Fair of Rajasthan, the Sonepur Fair too is held on the Full Moon Day or Kartik Poornima, one of the most auspicious days of Hindus.
About Sonepur Fair

The Sonepur Fair is held at the Ghat or the Bank called the Kaun Hara - Who Lost ? The Legend behind the Ghat tells the story of two Brothers who were transformed into a Honest Elephant and a Dishonest Crocodile. Jai the elephant and Vijai the crocodile were two devotees of Lord Vishnu. Once they quarreled over the proceeds of the receiving after the completion of a Yagna. Angry, both of them cursed each other and so got transformed into elephant and the crocodile.

So after rebirth, one day the crocodile saw the silent elephant drinking water. He vengefully, caught the leg of the Elephant. Seeing this, lord Vishnu himself came to earth and killed the Crocodile. This transformed both of them to their original forms. Today, the same river bank is known as Kaun Hara Ghat. It is in this Ghat that the Sonepur Fair is held.

Hariharnath Temple
Hariharnath Temple
Hariharnath Temple is the same place where Lord Vishnu killed the Wicked Crocodile and transformed him back to life. It is said all the Good wishes of a human being are fulfilled here in this Temple on the Day of Karthik Poornima.

Bodh Gaya
Bodh Gaya
This Place in Bihar is supposed to be the Most revered place of Buddhists. Bodh Gaya is the same place where Gautam Buddha preached his sayings. Its the same place where he sat under the Buddha Tree, till he attained Enlightenment - making it the most important place in the World for Buddhists.

Sonepur FairSonepur Fair :
Sonepur Fair is the place a variety of Birds and Cattles are sold and bought by the merchants. This Cattle Trading Centre, has the animals like Elephants, Horses, Buffalos, cows. The birds are the pigeons, parrots, parrakeets and others of the same breeds. Besides this, there is a lot of fanfare going on in the Sonepur Fair. Ash smeared, saffron clad men blow their conches. Its the beginning of the holy day - the kartik poornima for them. A dip in the holy waters of the Gandek River is the second holy things to do. For those who believe in the religion, this one is the place which takes them away from the cycle of birth and death. Amongst the thousands of people who come here are the ones who solely come here for taking a dip in the holy waters.

Apart from these, there are the people who do the fanfare. Musicians, dancers, artificial jewellery sellers, mehandi designers, ethnic indian dress sellers all have their range here. Its the one of the most happening place during the Kartik Poornima or the Sonepur Fair. Its the best place to see the Indian Culture in its original forms. The waters of the Gantek rivers are also the place for taking a traditional boat tide without the gimmicks. Set foot on the boat and be there in the midst of the waters, go under the over-bridge, see through the Indian life as people walk on the banks of the river and be back to enthrall yourself with the experience you had.
Our Suggestions
  • Sonepur Fair is held in Sonepur District of Bihar. Once you reach the Capital of Bihar, take a cab to Sonepur. Its a 2 - 3 hrs drive from there.
  • Sonepur Fair does not involve high society life. This Village Town fulfills the demands of simple life. Other essentials things have to brought by you. For any other information in this regard, contact us.
  • It can be somewhat chilly in the morning hours in Bihar. So bring along very light woolens for the 2 - 3 days stay.
  • The Sonepur Fair is held in the month of November, on the day of the Karthik Poornima or Full Moon. For the Official dates of the Fair, contact us!
  • Food available is purely Vegetarian. Some Hotels do offer Non - Vegetarian food, but its only in the Hotels. Outside, ask for Vegetarian Food only.
  • Bihar has been a hub of education during the Buddha Era. There are many places like Nalanda which must be visited since you are in Bihar. If you are in Bihar, then don't forget to take a pick of the Madhubani Paintings !
  • For Tours and further information, contact us.

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