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Tarnetar Fair

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There is more to Gujarat then the International Kite festival which calls people from all over the World - The Tarnetar Fair. Tarnetar Fair which is held in Sauarashtra ( Gujarat is divided into two parts geographically - Gujarat and Saurashtra, both of them combine to make Gujarat) - the Southern part of Gujarat.

Tarnetar, a small village in Gujarat, about 75 kms from Rajkot, celebrates the Tarnetar Fair for three days. Tharnetar meaning the ceremony of marriage, is the auspicious fair which involves young girls who have the option of choosing their grooms. Celebrated during the months of August - September, this fair is also known as the Trineteshwar Mahadev Fair.

About Tarnetar Fair

Tarnetar, the village where the fair is held is a small village in Surendarnagar District of Gujarat. Held near the Trinettreshwar Temple in involves tribes like Rabari, Kathi, Charan, Bhardwas and Kolis.

According to the legend, it was here in Tarnetar that the Pandava Prince Arjuna pierced the eye of the rotating fish at the end of the pole by looking at its reflection in the ponds water to win the contest called Swayamvar arranged to find a suitable match for princess Draupadi. The Tarnetar Fair held each year showcases this legend, year after year, generations after generations. In addition to this, a dip in the Holy Kund is supposed to be auspicious on this day of Bhadrapad ( The Holy Hindu Date).

Today the Tarnetar Mela takes place in the Tarneshear Temple. The main tribe which takes part in this Mela is the Koli Tribe. The main attraction of the Tarnetar Fair after the Swayamvar are Tarnetar Chattris or the Umbrellas under which to be Grooms sit. Moreover the hairstyles of the boys are also looked at, these are haywired, often off the roots and have a distinct charm in them with the added colors. There are peculiar to the Tarnetar Fair.

Adalaj Ki Vav
Adalaj Ki Vav
Constructed by the Queen Rudabai of in the memory of her beloved Husband and King Veer Singh, the Adalaj Ki Vav took 20 years to be completed. An architectural marvel, today it stands a never ending Love Sagar as the Queen drowned herself in the Vav on its completion.

Somnath Temple
Somnath Temple
Located near Veraval in Saurashtra, Somnath Temple is supposed to be one of the Twelve Jyotirlingas (pillars of light). Mohammed Gaznavi attacked the temple 12 times for its Gold. The temple has been constructed seven times and is one of the most famous temples of India.

Tarnetar FairTarnetar Fair:
Tarnetar Fair begins with the hoisting of a huge flag in front of a huge statue made of tarnetar God. The Flag is hoisted only by the Mahant of Paliyad every year. Traditionally dressed Horses and Bullocks are one of the major attractions of the fair. This Swayamvar Fair involves a number of young boys and girls. The prospect boys can be seen in traditional attires, wearing dhotis, waistcoats and distinct turbans. The boys sitting willfully come here to be chosen as the Grooms by the girls. All the to be grooms sit under their respective umbrellas. The girl then comes forward to talk to a particular boy. Anyone she talks to is supposed to be her prospective groom.

As the sun rises the tarnetar fair catches its height. There is dance, music, folklores, merry making and different plays. The plays involve games like 100 meters race, 200 meters race, 800 meters race, long jump. Then there are the poem recitation, bullock cart race, rass dance competition and horse cart race to add spice to the fair. Apart from these, there are also the eateries or food joints. The food served here is typical gujarati cuisine which involves foods like Dhokla, Khamn, Khakhri, Pani Puri, Faffada, Gol Chaakri and various types of chutnies ( Indian Sauces).

There are around 300 stalls which have the refreshments and other eateries. Apart from these, there are the stalls which have the Gujarati Embroidery stuff like lehngas, kurtis, embroided bed and cushion covers, handbags, ethnic jewellery, jootis and other stuff which are peculiar to Gujarat. However the main attraction remains the same - the Swamyavar, for thousands of people who come from worldover to see this exciting fair called the Tarnetar Fair of Gujarat.
Our Suggestions
  • Tarnetar is a small village and can be reached by cab or own vehicle. The nearest airport is Ahmedabad International Airport. From here you have to hire a cab.
  • Tarnetar Fair begans with the first light in the sky and ends with the last light of the sun. So be here as early as possible.
  • If you want to buy some of the Indian Souveniers, then this one of the good places. But, only the Indian Currency works here, so keep some cash handy.
  • Do not bring along important documents and other valuables as there is a lot of hustle and bustle in the fair. Its better to keep them in the Hotel Locker. Keep India Currency with you as foreign Currency will not be accepted here.
  • Try out the various Gujarati Delicacies which are presented here in the fair.
  • Book your Hotel in Ahmedabad or Rajkot only as Tarnetar does not offer good Hotels to stay at. For the bookings, contact us.
  • For the exact dates of the fair, contact us.
  • For Tours and further information, contact us.

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