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Urs Ajmer Sharif Fair

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Urs the small city in Ajmer of Rajasthan celebrates the death of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty. Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty is the most famous Sufi Saint of the Chisti Order of Asia. He claimed his progeny to Muhammad through sixth Shi Imam - Jafar al-Sadiq. Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty is one of the most outstanding figures in the annals of Islamic Mysticism. He is also the founder of Chystiyya order of India.

The Dargah (resting place) of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty is placed in Ajmere Sharif. This Dargah is also the site of largest Muslim Fair called the Urs Ajmer Sharif Fair. This fair goes on for six consecutive days.

Urs Ajmer Sharif Fair

Kwaja Moinudeen Chishty came from Persia and established Chystiyya Order in India. He is also known as Gharib Nawaz or the protector of poor. Khawajah came from a wealthy family but gave up everything to serve the poor. And so he is called the Messiah of Poor. The Pilgrims who come here to seek the blessings of Khwajah make rich offerings called Nazrana at the holy spot of Ajmere Sharif. Outside the sanctom sanctorum of Dargah, professional singers sing quwallis in the praise of Khwajah. Pilgrims stand around them, listening to then attentively.

Adhai Din Ka Jhoonpra
This marvellous Indo Islamic Architecture located on the outskirts was once a Sanskrit College inside a Temple. Later on it was converted into a Mosque by adding a seven arched wall in front of the pillared hall. See this majestic Hindu - Muslim Architecture marvel with your own eyes.

Shahjahans Mazar
Shahjahans Mosque
In the Inner court of the Dargah, there is a magnificent building made of white marble . This beautiful building with delicate carvings and trellis is the most marvelous thing near the Dargah of Ajmere Sharif.

Dargah of Ajmer SharifUrs Ajmer Sharif Fair:
The Urs or the fair is initiated with hoisting of a white flag on the Dargah by Sajjada Nashin (successor representative) of Chishtis. It is done 25th of Jamadi-ul-Akhir (sixth lunar month) with Quvallis being sung in the background. On the last day of the sixth month, is is supposed the gates of Heaven or Jannati-Darwaza (gateway of heaven). It is supposed that people who have died yet whose ruhs ( souls ) have not rested in peace, get an entry to these gates, thus getting solace forever. On the first day of Rajab, tomb of Khwaja Sharif is washed with rose water and sandalwood water. Then perfume is sprayed on it. This ritual is called Ghushal. The tomb is then covered with a embroided silk cloth called the Sajjadah Nashin.

After the entire ritual is done, Pious Kheer which is cooked in two large cauldrons called degs is distributed amongst the pilgrims. This process solmenises the Urs Ajmer Sharif fair.

Through all the days of Urs, Quwallis are sung, mehfils are arranged and attended by thousands of pilgrims who attend the fair. There are also thee big markets which are especially made for this Fair. People especially girls and ladies purchase things of their choice like shawls, handbags, jewellery.

Our Suggestions
  • Urs Ajmer Sharif Fair is supposed to be very auspicious day, so maintain the sanctity of the day.
  • Do not wear short skirts or skimpy dresses. Its advisable to wear dark colored and full body covering dresses.
  • Like any other Fairs, there are feasts which have meat as the main course. So eat only if it suits you, otherwise its advisable to have food in your hotel.
  • Be here with a Guide, if you are not very familiar with the Muslim Rituals.
  • Do not bring along important documents and other valuables as there is a lot of hustle and bustle in the fair. Its better to keep them in the Hotel Locker. Keep India Currency with you as forigen Currency will not be accepted here.
  • There are best Hotels and Restaurants in Ajmer. Book your hotel beforehand.
  • For the exact dates of the fair, contact us.
  • For Tours and further information, contact us.

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