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Buddh Poornima

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The most important and auspicious festival of Buddhists, marked with Buddha's three major stages of life - birth, enlightenment and nirvana. That means that one day cited the important transitions in one persons life which changed the Prince Siddhartha into a Simple Saint who came to be known to the world as Lord Buddha. One man and such big a change his life which further changed many others.
It is celebrated throughout the world with the same significance in countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Tibet, Indonesia, China and Japan.


Celebrated by : Buddhists
Major PlacesCelebrated all over India but has prominence in Eastern part of India. Major Chunk of Monasteries are here in this part. [Pemayangtse (West Sikkim), Rumtok (near Gangtok), Enchey (Gangtok), Dubdi, Sinon, Ghoom (Darjeeling) are the major Monasteries in the Eastern part of INDIA)].
Month of Celebration : There are different dates according to the occasion
Birth – April
Enlightenment – December
Death - February

Observances : Vasek (The day of celebration) - includes freeing birds from cages, distributing fruits and food, singing religious songs in praise of Lord Buddha and text reading from KANGYUR – the religious book of Buddhists.

Facets Of Buddh Poornima :
Dalai Lama
Dalai Lama
The most prominent and revered by all buddhists around the world, his presence marks the big day celebrations. It is supposed to be auspicious and great honour to have him at the festival.
Dramitse Nga Cham Dance
Dramitse Nga Cham Dance
Also called the Dance of the Drum, the Dramitse Nga Cham Dance is done on the eve of Buddh Poornima. High speed dancing in circle depicting fearlessness is done.

The Festival

There are a number of things that are done on this festival, for different occasions there are different rituals. Like on the Buddha's birth day - birds are freed; sweets, fruit and food are distributed, Kangyur is read out and meat is abstained from eating. Lamps are lit from the early morning and recitation of the holy scriptures begans.

On the day of the enlightenment, the Bodh tree is decorated, the Kangyur is read and meat is abstained from eating. Then there is a colorful procession that is carried out through the streets of the city with rabdungs and gyalings (musical instruments). In addition to this lectures and prayers are held throughout the city grounds and monasteries. On this day various cultural programmes are also celebrated like the martial arts and art forms. It is the most spectacular things of the festival, from the morning to the evening this show goes on.( Its a must see thing. If you are here during this festival don't miss it out,you won't find anything like this!).

Then comes the day when Buddha achieved Nirvana – the day when his soul combined with that of the God's. This day is observed comparatively in silence. Again, the holy book- Kangyur is read, teachings of Buddha are spread out and food is distributed. A silence prevails this day as compared to the other celebrations.

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