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Accupuncture is the Chinese Art which came to India ages ago. Medically speaking, Accupuncture is the method of producing analgesia by inserting fine wire like needles into the specific areas of skin called Meridians. The needles used in Accupuncture may be twriled, energized electrically or warmed.

Before it came to China, Accupuncture was first introduced in Europe about 200 years ago by Jesus Priest who worked as Catholic Missionaries. It also act as a mediator between America and Peoples Republic of China. As per the Nei Ching - The entire Universe is an Oscillation of Yin and Yang. It is believed the body becomes ill when the body energy flow become unbalanced. To treat these the needles are used. Usually Accupressure is used to treat ailments like allergies, arthritis and rheumatism, digestive problems, headaches and migraines, insomnia, morning sickness, labour pains and sinistis.

Asthama Accupuncture
Acupuncture for Asthma
Both needle and needle less Accupuncture can be used for the treatment of Asthma. Single Treatments should last from a few weeks to a few months. Usually, the Acupuncturists runs a few tests in respect to iron, manganese, Via A, Via B, B- 12, Folic Acid, Estrogen and Thyroid. Only after the results of these tests are received, the treatment should begin.

Accupuncture for High Blood Pressure
Accupuncture is good in treating High Blood Pressure only if it has arisen due to taking medicines like Painkillers. But if Blood Pressure has arisen due to Kidney or Thyroid disease or due to lethargic lifestyle including diet and exercise then Accupuncture is of no use.

Method of Accupuncture :

Accupuncture makes use of the needles for treating the ailment. The needles used in the accupressure therapy are first sterilized in boiling water and then used to treat the patient. It is considered there are specific points which are used for treatment. These specific points run along what are known as Meridians. As per Accupuncturists there are 12 Meridians in the entire Human Body - from the top of the head to the toe of the body. When the energy flow of the body becomes unbalanced, the body becomes diseased. For this, the Accupuncturists, insert wire like needles to bring the energy flow in the body. Slowly and gradually, the body regains the energy flow and the body once again becomes healthy.

Accupunturists work on the ideology that the needles block the impulse from reaching the brain or the nerve centre. The nerve centre on the other hand being occupied with the surrogate impulse, does not attend the original pain , which becomes secondary and then eventually dies.

The points used in Accupuncture Treatment are known as Accumulation point, Alarm Points, Diagnostic Point, Horaray Points, Luo Points, Sedation Points, Source Points, Tonification points and Local Points.

A true Accupuncturist will never tell you about the ailment - he will simply say that you have a block in a certain Meridian and treat you accordingly.

Centres for Accupuncture Therapy

  • Accupuncture India Centre - Near Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital - New Delhi
  • Acupuncture & Alternative medical Practice - Jaganath Niwas - Navi Mumbai, Mumbai
  • Healing Health Resort - New Sidhapudur, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
  • Vatsala Hospital, Khala Bazar, Lucknow
  • All Tamilnadu Acupuncture & Alternative Medical Association, Navi Mumbai, Mumbai
  • All Cure Clinic and Research Centre - Kota, Rajasthan

  • Accupuncture is BASED ON THE OCCULTIC SYSTEM OF TAOISM OFTEN CALLED YIN/YANG,CHI OR KI, which is a common flow of energy in the universe.
  • Accupuncture is not yet scientifically proven therapy, anyone taking it should be taking his own risk.
  • Accupuncture should be done only by a registered practitoner and not by anyone else. See the Govt. Registration and check it before getting it done.
  • See to it, that the Accupuncture Clinic is clean and that the needles are sterilized. There should be a proper sterilization machine as you see in Hospitals and there should not be any rust in it.
  • If you have any apprehensions about getting needles inserted into your body, then first get your fear out or do not go for the treatment.
  • Accupuncture is used for treating various ailments like quitting smoking, quitting cocaine addiction, depression, weight loss, asthma, high blood pressure, rashes, pregnancy and so on. But before going for any of the above, consult your doctor.
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