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Aromatherapy is a term coined by French chemist René Maurice Gattefossé in the 1920's to describe the practice of using essential oils taken from plants, flowers, roots, seeds, etc., in healing. Arma means - Odour or the oils which helps in treating various ailments like stress and depression. Aromatherapy makes use of not only the aroma but also of the oils which are either rubbed in the body or are added to various kinds of tea to get the desired effect. or to say aromatherapy is the form of alternative medicine which makes use of volatile plant materials known as Essential Oils ( EOs) and aromatic compounds from plants for the benefit of the the human health.

Aromatherapy developed some 600 years ago and has been used by the Greeks, Romans and ancient Egyptians. It was the Egyptian Physician Imhotep who recommended the use of fragnant oils for bathing, massaging and immolating the deads. The word Aromatherapy was first used by French Chemist René-Maurice Gattefossé. He was the one who also evolved the use of Lavender for healing the burns (during an accident where he burnt his own arm). Jean Valnet a student of René-Maurice Gattefossé continued his work after his death and treated a number of wounded patients in World War II.

Skin Aroma Therapy
Skin Care
Massaging the skin with the Aromatic Essential Oil, is one of the ways to keep the skin looking young. Essential Oils have also proven to be good in curing the tanned skin to one with bristlers. Usually, such kind of therapy is used in the Aromatic Clinics spread all over the country.

Lavender Aroma Therapy
Lavender Therapies
Lavender has proven to be the best treater in easing out the burned skin. The application of the lavander oil stops the skin from cramping after burning and also eases out the burnt feeling.

Method of Aroma :

Aroma Essential Oils are either rubbed or massaged in the ailing part of the body. Undiluted Essential Oils are termed as Therapeutic Grade. Techniques like Aromatogram are used to treat patients. In this, first the Doctor cultures a sample of infected tissue or secretion from the patient Then the sample is observed for a few days. Each of the sample is inculcated with different type of essential oils. The oil which degrades the population of the growing bacteria is given to the patient for the treatment.

Essential Oils work in different ways. At the scent level they effect the limbic system and the emotional centers of the brain. When they are applied to the skin, the essential oils activate the thermal receptors of the body and kill the microbes and the fungi. When used Internally (under the guidance of the Aromatherapic Doctor), the essential oils effect the immune system.

There are about 105 essential oils which are used for the Aromatherapy. However, apart from these 105 beneficial oils there are also the Hazardarous oils which are not used in Aromatherapy. Those who are not well acquainted with the Aromas and the Essential Oils should not use the Aromatherapy on their own. There are also some Essential oils which are not to be used at the time of pregnancy or certain asmatic conditions or epilepsy.

Despite of the harmful effects some of the aromas may have still the aroma therapy has come out as a useful and beneficial therapy. It is considered like any other treatment, Aroma Therapy too has the harmful Side Effects only if it s not properly administered.

Aroma Therapy
Centres for Aroma Therapy

  • Aroma Therapy International Centre, 171 Atlanta, Nariman Point, Mumbai
  • Ahrcdp Accupressure Clinic, Jamia Nagar, Near Sacred Heart School - New Delhi
  • ICARD - 115/Sector 13, Pocket A, Phase II - Dwarka New Delhi
  • National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy W. Indian Trail Road PMB 144 Spokane, WA (USA)

  • In Aromatherapy, less is more. The lesser the amount, the more effective it is. More important is correct application or dose.
  • Never let children use Aromatherapy products without the use of proper guidance. It can be harmful.
  • Essential oils should not be taken internally. Its only on the prescription of a Doctor, one can take it internally.
  • Aromatherapy is a good therapy, but it can produce allergies to some people. Its not important, if a certain aroma works good for a certain person, it will be good for your body too. Always consult a Aromatheraptic Doctor.
  • Today, Aromatherapy is used in products like Body Lotions, Body Wash, Hand Soaps, Skin oils and so on.
  • There is no particular season for Aromatherapy. However the use of Aromatherapy, its products and doses differ from climate to climate.

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