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Herbal Therapy

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Herbal therapy represents the Highest form of Chinese Therapy. Herbs are plants, mineral substances or animal substances which are used to treat the various ailments of a human body.

Herbal Therapy uses the Natural Herbs found and grown in the forests for the treatment of various ailments - from the common ones to the most chronic ones. As per Herbology, all plants produce chemical compounds. These include metabolites such as Sugars and Fats. Plants then upregulate and down regulate their biochemical paths in response to the local mix of herbivores, pollinators and microorganisms. These polychemical, some of them the derived ones are used to treat the patients.

Herbal Therapy makes a lot of use of Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera in Herbal Therapy is known as the Miracle Plant because of the various uses it has. The tonic of Aloe Vera is used for patients suffering from diabetes, arthritis and high cholesterol. Because of the many fold vitamins it has - B12, minerals, iron, manganese, calcium, zinc - it is beneficial for a number of skin and hair related products. So Herbal Therapy uses specific characteristics of a variety of plants to treat or prevent health imbalances.

Diabetic Therapy
Chronic Diseases
Chronic Diseases like Diabetes and Cancer if in 1st stage can be easily cured by Herbal Treatment. If these are in 2nd stage, then some relief can be obtained.

B.P. Therapy
High Blood Pressure
High Blood Pressure can be easily cured by the use of Herbal Medicines. The doses given in small quantities, gradually treat the High Blood Pressure carrying it to normal condition.

Method of Herbal Therapy:

Herbal Therapy focuses on individual diseases; like treating herbal acne remedy or herbal cold remedy. First of all the symptoms are determined, then the cause of the symptoms. Then these symptoms are related to the disease. Once the disease is determined the Herbal Medicine is prescribed.

Some of the herbs are beneficial in using various heart problems like high cholesterol, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, congesive heart failure. In these conditions the herb Allium Sativum is given get the things under control. But there are herbs which might have negative side effects too like the herb belladona, ginkgo, ma huang, kava are seen to elevate the blood pressure, blood circulation rate, abnormal bleeding, irregular heart beat and even stroke. So its highly important that the Herbal Medicines be given under the supervision of Medical Practitioner/ Doctor and in no case the patient should take it on his own.

The herbal medicines are generally given in the Satva/ liquid form and the doses given are as per the condition of the patient. So the proportion of the medicines given are as per the condition of the patient. These doses too need to be changed from time to time.

Despite of the good effects of the Herbal Therapies, it must be noticed that the Medicines should be described by the experienced Doctor as interactions of various medicines can lead to toxic results or reduces side effects of the prescribed medicine.

Centres for Herbal Therapy

  • Life Positive, C 153, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase - I, New Delhi
  • Life Positive, A 43, 4th Floor, Navyug Niwas, Opp. Minerva Cinema, 167 Lamington Road, Mumbai
  • ICARD - 115/Sector 13, Pocket A, Phase II - Dwarka New Delhi

  • All Herbal Medicines work by altering some of the body functions; especially the blood pressure. So these medicines should not be taken as child play.
  • Usually, the Herbal Medicines are given as mixtures of various medicines. These can be toxic too if not properly given. Moreover, these may cause serious problems too by mixing with over the counter drugs/ medicines. So a medical prescription is utmost essential.
  • There are no immediate or sudden results. This medication takes time , at least a month for the results to show; especially if the disease is chronic.
  • Herbal Treatment can be carried on along with the Allopathic treatment, still here the Homeopath needs to know about the Allopath treatment and the medicines being given.

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