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Magnetic Therapy

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Magnetic Therapy or the therapies of Magnetotherapy uses static magnet to treat various ailments. Magnetic Therapy has its roots to the ancient scripts of Greece, Egypt and India. These scripts are supposed to be as old as 2000 yrs. Chinese, especially have a important role of Magnetic Therapy in its Medicinal Practices. Magnetic Therapy utilizes the energy of magnet to relive pain, cure diseases and to provide energy to the body.

The energy of the static magnet provides a natural way as it passes through the body. Magnetic Energy helps relive pain, increase blood circulation, prevent or reverse infection and promotes metabolic reversal of toxins. Magnetic Therapy is especially useful in reliving pains like the pain of arthritis, rheumatoid and diabetic foot pain. A correct application of the Magnetic Therapy is really helpful in easing out the pain in the neck.

A number of institutions today work for the betterment of patients suffering from various ailments and also for a easy and comfortable life. It doesn't take much time to learn the Magnetic Therapy for day to day life and for different pains in the body like spine pain. But for the more acute diseases, one has to get it done from the Magno therapists.

Blood Pressure Magnetic Bracelet
Blood Pressure
Mediation is thought of to be good for the Blood Pressure. Be it high or low; it is supposed to regularize the Blood Pressure to a normal position.

Mental Concentration
Mental Concentration
Meditation has been found to be good in increasing Mental Concentration. It also adds to the good and sharp memory.

Method of Magnetic :

Magnetic Therapy is based on biological effects of the magnet in relation to the human body. When the polarity of the magnets match with the bodies; an aura is produced which creates rays. These rays pass through the body eliminating any sort of pain or ailment. There are two kinds of Magnetic Therapies - Local and General. Whether Local Magnetic Therapy will be applied or General depends upon whether the disease is localized or general..

Magnets rebalance metabolism thereby help in reducing ailments like - reduces edema, excess acid in tissues and lack of oxygen in tissues. Things like joint and muscle flexibility, mental stability, increases digestion and elimination improves. The therapies of magnets are different for different ailments. Some of them make use of water for the treatment and some work in the dry air. The time taken for the completion of a specific therapy also differs.

Various diseases like Arthritic Pain, diabetic foot pain, fibromyalgia are the common ones which are treated by Magneto therapy worldwide.

Centres for Magnetic Therapy

  • Sai Accupressure Centre 1149, Sector - B, Pocket - 1, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi
  • Doon Accupressure Heath Centre G-20 Race Course Dehradun, Dehradun
  • Cure Near Jagadhri Gate, Ambala
  • Magnet House, 71 Knowles Hill Road Newton Abbot Devon UK
  • Magnetic Therapy is easy and can be done at home for the minor treatments like hair fall, acne, pains, sprains. But for bigger ailments it has to be done by the Magno Therapists. Since Magnets used in the Magnetic therapy changes the flow of microns in the body, thus affecting the polarity of the body, there has to be a Magneto Therapist.
  • One should not bathe at least for two hours after the Magnet Therapy. The rays moving inside the body need some time to circulate inside the body.
  • Pregnant Ladies and those with Heart and Mental Problems should not be treated with strong Magnets.
  • One should not eat or drink (includes everything) atleast half an hour after the Magnet Therapy.
  • Magnets help to circulate the blood by interacting with the iron in Haemoglobin; so it needs to be done under proper guidance when amateur.
  • The Patients having any of the diseases like cancer, HIV, AIDS, asthma, arthritis, or rheumatism need to consult their practising Doctor before undergoing any such treatment.

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