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Lord Shiva has been positioned as the greatest Meditator of all. Most of the statues of Lord Shiva can be found sitting in the position of Meditation. In different cultures various names have been given to the same form of Meditation. In Hinduism it is known as Dhyana; in Buddhism as Shamatha and Vipassana; in Christianity as Adoration; in Islam as Tadabbur or Sufi Meditation; in Jainism as Samayika; in Judaism as Merkabah; in Sikhism as Nam Japo or Simran; in Taoism as Tai Chi Chaun and in Bahai Faith as Meditation itself.

So every religion in the World practices meditation - though the way they are practised may be varied. Meditation is a form of self discipline where every human being focuses on one subject - God and sways away from every other form of distraction. The focusing subject can change but it should not be attached to the person who is practising meditation.

There are two main kind of Mediations - Concentration and Mindfulness. In Concentration Meditation the person is religiously inclined towards a Guru or a God of his faith. Whereas in Mindfulness Meditation the meditator sits comfortably, by focusing attention on an object or a process. In both the thoughts are not of personal being till the time person is in meditation.

Blood Pressure Meditation
Blood Pressure
Mediation is thought of to be good for the Blood Pressure. Be it high or low; it is supposed to regularize the Blood Pressure to a normal position.

Mental Concentration
Mental Concentration
Meditation has been found to be good in increasing Mental Concentration. It also adds to the good and sharp memory.

Method of Meditation :

Meditation is practiced by a number of religions still it has altogether the same positions. The various postures are spine, hand, eyes, focus, crossed legged sitting. As per the ancient scriptures the spine should be straight, the right hand should be atop the left hand, eyes are to be closed the legs should be crossed to make a perfect Meditation Position.

However there are certain changes in each Dharma/ Religion. Like the Brahma Kumaris keep their eyes open while meditating; in some sects of zen eyes are half open and half closed; in Sufism mediation with closed eyes is called Varood and with open eyes is called Shahood. In some of the Meditational forms, the meditator may sit on a chair while in some the person has to sit on the ground - as in Christianity; in Buddhism there has to be a walk of mindfulness and as in Jainism one has to walk barefoot.

Some of the Meditation forms also concentrate on breathing patterns or emotional states. As one sits in the meditation mudra; one has to take longer breaths till he is lost in meditation. It is known as focussing on breath as practised in Orthodox Christianity. So meditation has it various forms.

As per the medics appropriate Meditation helps in relaxation of tense muscles; good concentration; good in generating logical thoughts and provides a insight to the person by generating a self observing attitude.

Tree Meditation
Centres for Meditation

  • Mediescapes India #145, DDA SFS, Sector 5, Pocket 1, Dwarka Phase - 1, New Delhi
  • Vipassana International Academy - Dhamma Giri; Igatpuri - Maharashtra
  • Madhyamaka Buddhist Centre Kilnwick Percy Hall Pocklington York United Kingdom
  • Bristol Buddhist Centre, 162 Gloucester Rd, Bishopston, Bristol

  • The Meditation process, though seems to be a easy one; still it needs to be learnt to get the best results.
  • Sitting in straight position can lead to back problems; so it needs to be learnt for the correct sitting posture.
  • Good in treating depression; it can also lead to depression if carried out for extremely long hours. The long hours aloofness can cause mental disturbness for the amateurs.

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