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Mud Therapy

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The Vedas are filled with the mention of Mud or Earth and its benefits. Various methods and treatments have been defined in the Vedas for the ailing. Mud was and is supposed to be one of the most beneficial remedies of all times.

Mud is supposed to be a rejuvenator of the body and when it is mixed with Chandan, it comes out as one of the best beauty secrets. Mud is best used for the skin therapies. The Mud pack is supposed to calm down the senses and rejuvenate the body and mind. It also acts as secret for youthful skin with no wrinkles. The mud retains the moisture of the body intact, open the pores of the skin to let it breathe, relives internal congestion and pain and promotes elimination of morbid matter.

Mud also helps in clearing the dark spots on the face, is good for patients suffering from heat or heart burn and helps in treating diseases like psoriasis, leucoderma and even leprosy. Even diseases like Rheumatic Pain or the pain caused by injuries can be treated by the Mud Application.

Skin Treatment
Skin Treatment
Mud Packs are very famous for the treatment of Skin. Various mud packs are used to keep the skin lively and youthful.

Hair Treatment
Hair Treatment
Hair fall, irregular growth, dandruff, grey hair and other such hair problems can be treated by the application of the Mud.

Method of Mud Therapy:

Mud is usually taken from the river beds or from plain hills. The Naturopathy practitioners make extensive use of the Mud in treating various ailments. Usually Mud Therapy is done in two ways - Mud Packs and Mud Bath. The Mud Pack is prepared by the clay obtained from about 10 cms below the surface of earth, after ensuring that it does not contain any composite or any pebbles. The clay is then mixed with water and a paste is made out of it. This when cooled down is spread on a cloth which is then applied as per requirement of the treatment.

In Mud Bath, the paste of the clay is applied to the entire body. A massage is done and when the clay gets dried up its washed off with cleansing water bath. The Mud Bath is useful for toning up the skin by improving the blood circulation. The Mud Bath is especially useful in getting temporary relief from rheumatic pain or pains caused by injuries or accidents. Usually the duration of the bath is from 20 to 30 minutes.

The Mud Therapy also makes use of the Hot and Cold Mud Therapy. This Therapy is helpful in reliving chronic pains, intestinal cramps and lumbago. Others like amoebiasis, colitis, enteritis and other inflammatory conditions of bacterial origin are also treated by the Hot and Cold Mud Therapy.

Mud Therapy
Centres for Mud Therapy

  • Sanjeevanam; Mugappair : No. 50, Block – 1, Ist Floor, AMM Towers, Thiruvalluvar Road, Mugappair, Chennai
  • Holistic Homeopathic Clinic 55/10, 2nd Cross Road, 1st R Block, Rajajinagar, Bangalore
  • SOUKYA, Near International Technology Park, Whitefield, Bangalore.
  • Anthralaya's Naturopathy & Yoga Centre #404/5, T. H. Road, Chennai - 600019. Tamil Nadu
  • Mud Therapy is meant for reliving pains from the body and adding lost youth. It does not adheres to the treatment for very acute diseases.
  • Generally, mud therapy is done by the Mud Therapists. Even the Naturopath make use of mud therapy in their treatment.
  • Mud Therapy is the safest of all therapies of all other kind of Holistic Therapies as it does not have any side effects.
  • Some people might be allergic to Mud Therapy, so a patch test is done before any kind of mud therapy is given.
  • One Mud therapy can take from half an hour to a couple of hours. Generally, the time duration for a Mud Therapy is told before hand, if its not then ask.
  • Various Spas all over the country carry out the Mud Therapy Treatment.

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