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Reiki Therapy

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Reiki stands for universal spiritual consciousness or higher knowledge and Ki stands for life force energy. Reiki is a very old technique which is supposed to be originated in Tibet, about 1000 years ago. Reiki was rediscovered in the 20th Century by Dr. Mikao Usui - a famous Japanese Buddhist.

Reiki works on bringing peace to mind. It revitalizes the non - energized energy adding life to it. It focuses on reliving ailments arising out of stress, chronic illness, post operative pain and sprains. It makes the body re - energetic putting the nerves at ease and thus healing the damaged parts without the use of any sort of medical equipments or medicines. It directly touches the senses of the body and helps in easy blood circulation of the body. Reiki is the Technique which is used for stress reduction and relaxation which promotes healing.

Reiki has nothing to do with hypnosis nor it takes the person undergoing treatment to a secondary world. It just asks the person to focus on the damaged part or the paining organ. Then the Reiki Practitioner uses the natural energy to come out of the body, thus leaving the person relaxed and without the ailment. Its one of the most safe and painless way of getting relief from pain and stress.

Stress Reiki
Stress and Depression
Reiki is known as a great healer in the situations of Stress and Depression. A treatment of Reiki can alleviate the person out of these conditions permanently.

Reiki  Treatment
Migranes and Headaches
The most common and popular treatment taken by people is the one for Migraines and Headaches. Reiki has been found to be highly effective in both - the time duration maybe of a year or so for the entire treatment. Rest depends upon your condition.

Method of Reiki Therapy:

The person undergoing the Reiki Treatment is asked to sit down or either lay down. Then the Reiki Master uses the energy from aura to treat the painful part of the patient. The patient is asked to concentrate on this energy. Once the patient begins feeling the energy, it takes the bad energy or the ill energy out of the patient, thus putting fresh aura into him. Or we can say, Reikiis applied by laying on hands.

Anyone can become a Reiki Practitoner. There are three stages of Reiki - the first degree, the second degree and the third degree. After this one becomes the Master Practitioner and finally the Master Teacher. Reiki once learned can be practised at home. All around the world, the way of practising Reiki is the same.

Reiki is very good in treating stress, anxiety, depression, back pain and insomnia. Its also good in providing relief in Migrane, headaches, eye strain and stiffens of the entire body due to overwork.

Reiki Therapy
Centres for Reiki Therapy

  • 12, Bhagyashri Building Shop #Flat No 12, 2nd Floor Chanakya Nagar, Akurli Cross Road No 3 Kandivali East Mumbai
  • Holistic Homeopathic Clinic 55/10, 2nd Cross Road, 1st R Block, Rajajinagar, Bangalore
  • The Holistic Hideaway, 2800 County Rd 21, Spencerville, K0E 1X0, Ottawa (USA)
  • Trish Norman, 4 Natural Healing, Working, Surrey, UK
  • Reiki is a natural art and does not involve any sort of medication, operation or any other medical equipments for treatment.
  • Reiki works on the concept of Sessions. Various sessions are held to treat the person. These sessions can be of either 30 minutes or an hour or two.
  • Get the Reiki Treatment done only by a Registered Medical Practitoner.
  • Before going for any of the Reiki Treatments ask for how many hours the treatment would be and how much it would cost..
  • There is no specific time for the Reiki Treatment - it can be done at any of the Odd Hours or the Normal Hours.
  • You can yourself learn Reiki and become a Practitioner. The ability to become one however depends entirely upon you.

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