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Did I try to catch the clouds
Did I try to catch the rains
What more could I do
To hold the beauty in my eyes ......

.. The more you say, the less it is for this beautiful town of Assam. Located in the Cachar Hills, at a height of 2,230 ft its a beautiful land to visit. Also known as White Ant Hillock.

Flashback :
86 kms north of Silchar, is the tiny town called Haflong. Filled woth oranges, peaches, pera and pineapple Haflong is a part of the North Chachhar Hills.

In 1830, the Dimasa king Gobinda Chandra was assasinated by his own general Gambhir Singh, after that the British annexed the southern part of the kingdom on 14th August 1832 under the doctrine of Lapsi. The rest was ruled by last Dimasa General Tularam. In 1837 a portion of Tularam's kingdom was further annexed to the British Empire & constituted into a sub-division of Nagaon district in 1837 with Head quarter at Asalu. In 1854, on the death of Tularam, the remaining portion of his kingdom was finally annexed to the British Empire & added to the Asalu sub-division. In 1867 this sub-division was abolished & apportioned into three parts among the districts Cachar, Khasi & Jaintia Hills & Nagaon. Later on it became a part of India.

One of the most beautiful places in Arunachal Pradesh, its a Ornithologists paradise. Its simply beautiful, the natural beauty. It takes you away from the city lights; become a bootlegger as you witness the various moods of nature. One of the best places for the nature lover - this place who s name means White Ant Hillock.

Fast Facts:
Language : Dimashi, English., Hindi
Temperature : Winter - 10 Deg C to 15 Deg C
Summer - 15 Deg C - 28 Deg C
Heavy rains during the month of May and September. Fog is prominent in the winters
Clothings: Warm in Winters and light cottons and semi - cottons in the summer. As its a hilly area sports shoes for both men and women are a appropriate choice.
Best Time to Visit : October to April

Haflong Lake
Haflong Lake
A calm place to dwell in especially in the evenings.

09 kms away from Halflong its a Ornithologists delight.

Lumding Silchar
Haflong at its best

  • Maibong : 49 kms away from Haflong it has the Ramchandi Temple and the Mahur Lake to look out for. Its also famous for its waterfalls.
  • Umrangsu : Just 115 kms from Haflong is the Hydro Electric Plant which is worth a watch. Very near to this plant is the Hot Water (Garampani) whose medicinal properties are supposed to heal the tougest of ailments.

Where and Why

Its a place where there are no shopping malls, no food courts and jazz. Welocme yourself at the place called Haflong in the land of Assam. Its one of those places where you will find greenery, greenery and greenery. So put ahead your foot to this quiet, calm, away from the world, next to heaven place.

Haflong is a place for Ornithologists - some rare and vulnerable beauties are found here (alas my camera had very less pixels to take closer pics of the birds which were quite at a distance!). Haflong Lake is another place to be visited for it being a poster picture. Sit here for some time listening to the songs of the birds walking towards the cab for Jatinga. A small village just 9 kms away, this village has attracted ornithologists from all over the world to un reveal the mystery of the flocks of little migratory birds crashing to death on still dark nights. The phenomenon is attributed by scientists to the sensitivity of these birds to infra red emissions of the torches borne by the villages during the nights. (An elevated watch tower provides an opportunity to see this bird mystery). Go ahead afoot to know more about this MASS SUICIDE OF BIRDS MYSTERY at the District Council. It also has a observatory to view the collective suicide.

The first thing you should reach in Haflong is the orange fields. (Halflong is the major exporter of the oranges around the world). There are so many things that can be done in places like this; paragliding, parajumping, handgliding but then this place is devoid of all this. A perfect place to lie down and look at the stars in the night. A early rise and a walk in a nearby small forest watching birds; thats how one should spend the morning here in this beautiful place

Maibong - Once a flourishing Capital of the Dimasa Cachari Kings, it was ruled by the Britishers till independence. You can see the ruins of the kingdom with perfect background scenery(something similar to what you will find in HAMPI). A visit to the Ancient Ramchandi Temple ended my tour. Take as many pics as you can for the temple has magnificent carvings engraved on its walls. Maibong is also a perfect picnic place.

And don't forget to pack a crate of oranges from Haflong (oranges grown in Haflong are exported the world over).

  • A place of serene beauty, it has no shopping complexes as such. Away from the machines and gadgets its a perfect place to feel like landing in another world. So if you are looking from 'away from the world trip'; its a place for you to go.
  • Don't forget to take your woolens in the winter season.
  • Though its a small place it has some of the most beautiful places directly connected to it. Go for a at least 3days trip if you really want to enjoy the hills.
  • Also known as "Land of Blue Hills"; it can be quite a low temperature in the months of Dec-Jan. So keep some heavy woolen stuff for a winter time visit.
  • The migratory birds come in the months of Aug and Nov. If you are an ornithologist or have a affinity of birds these months are the best to plan your visit.
  • Food is a simple one; most restaurants don't serve continental but you have a choice of Chinese food.
  • It doesn't require a permit to visit Haflong.
  • Book a hotel in advance and try to take a guided tour if on a individal tour. Or ask your travel to book a hotel for you in advance.

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