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Kedarnath Badrinath Hemkund Yatra

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Kedarnath Badrinath Hemkund Yatra in a way represents the unity in diversity. With three different places with their own ideologies combine to make one pilgrim called Kedarnath Badrinath Hemkund Yatra. Kedarnath is one of the Lord Shivas Adobe - the Hindu Deity, Badrinath is the common religious place of both Hindus and Jains whereas Hemkund is the place of Guru Gobind Singh. The whole of the yatra takes a maximum of ten days to complete.

The Legend :

Kedarnath : As per the legend Badrinath Temple was made by Pandavas after Mahabharata war. It is believed that Sadashiv escaped from the hands of Pandavas and took refuge in the Badrinath Temple in the form of a buffalo. Finding himself hard pressed he dived into the earth and left certain parts of his body at four other places along the Himalayan Ranges today known as Panchkedar. The todays Badrniath Temple has been made by Adi Shankracharya.

Badrinath : Badrinath is one of the four sacred shrines of Hindus. The other three Dhamas are Dwarka in the West, Rameshwaram in the South and Puri in the East. This Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the Creator of the Universe as per Hindu Mythology. As per the legend a Rishi found this place filled with Wild Berries or Badris, while there was no Tree of Berries. Surprised by this, he gave the name of the place as Badrinath in reverence of Lord Vishnu. Todays Temple at Badrinath has been made by Shankracharya in the 8th Century.

Hemkund : Hemkund lake or the Snow Lake is a popular shrine dedicated to Guru Govind Singh ( 10th Guru of Sikhs) who meditated on the banks of this Lake. Hemkund is situated at an altitude of 4329mts, and is surrounded by seven huge mountains called as Hemkund Parvat.

Kumbh Sadhinis
Kumbh Ka Mela/ Fair
After every 12 years Kumbh ka Mela is Held in Haridwar. Even Ardh Kumbh Mela is held. If you are in this time, then you should not miss this one out. Other places where Kumbh ka Mela is held are Ujjain, Nasik and Allahbad. Haridwar is supposed to be the elixir of immortality.

Har Ki Paudi
Har Ki Paudi
Har ki Paudi is the place in Haridwar which is supposed to be the feet of God. It is supposed that anyone who takes a dip in the holy waters of Har Ki Paudi attains Moksha / Immortality.

Badrinath Temple
» Kedarnath Badrinath Hemkund Track :

Delhi - Haridwar - Rudraprayag - Kedarnath - Chamoli - Badrinath - Govindham - Hemkund - Delhi

» The Yatra :

Delhi : Delhi the Capital of India has a number of places to see both from Historical pint of view and shopping. With a number of Historical places like Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Jama Masjid and new buildings like Lotus Temple and Akshardham Temple, it offers a number of Tourist Destinations. Others can shop here for whatever they want. For the Yatra, Delhi to Haridwar is a few hours( 3-4 hrs) of trip which can be covered either by road or by train. A few air carriers also take you to Haridwar.

Haridwar : (230 kms) Haridwar is the place of Gods. Haridwar means the Gate to Gods Lands. Haridwar has the most revered river Ganges flowing by. With thousands of Temples and River Beds, Haridwar is a very omnious place for Hindus. Haridwar is also the place where the Maha Kumbh Mela is held every 12 years. Here is also the famous pilgrim called Har Ki Paudi where millions flock to take a dip in the Holy water. The direct train from Haridwar shall take you to Rudraprayag ( 4- 5 hrs).

Rudraprayag : (165 kms) After covering the 5 hrs distance by road take your lunch and take some rest in the evening. Rudraprayag is a small town with religious sanctity. With the ganges flowing by you can camp here in the night or take rest in the hotel. The morning shall see you for further journey to Kedarnath ( 3hrs) after breakfast.

Kedarnath : (75 kms) On the way between Rudraprayag and Kedarnath comes the Gaurikund - the bathing place of Goddess Parvati. Stopping here for an hour and then move on to Kedarnath. The Temple is at height and for the pilgrim purpose one has to walk the stairs. The trekking to the Kedarnath Temple is of 14kms. After the visit to the Shrine, we shall take to the hotel where you can have the evening snacks and the dinner.

Badrinath : ( 200 kms) From Kedarnath to Badrinath, its a distance of 200 kms by road. To reach Badrinath, you will have to come back to Gaurikund from where you shall reach a little Village known as Chamoli. The night stay and dinner shall be at Chamoli. In the morning start afresh for Badrinath. On reaching Badrinath in the afternoon, visit the Badrinath Temple. In the evening return back to the hotel and rest for the day.

In the morning after breakfast you can either see the lush greenery or the pure rivers of Badrinath or move on further. After lunch move on to reach the place called Govindham

Givondham : Badrinath to Govindham is just about an hours drive. This small unknown hill station is a perfect place to spend the rest of the day amidst the natural beauty. Have lunch, walk down the streets, sit down by the river and camp in the night. In the morning be ready to see the the last destination Hemkund.

Hemkund : ( 19 kms ) Govindham to Hemkund takes about 5 kms. Trek to the Hemkund Shrine. Sit here for some time and offer prayers. Hemkund Sahib is also one of the best Trekking tracks. Thousands of people come here to track the lands of Hemkund. The entire trek from Govindham is filled with panoramic views and the most beautiful flower of Uttarakhand - Brahamkamal.

From Hemkund you can will have to drive back to Badrinath from where you can take the direct trains to Delhi.

Not to be Missed

Gaurikund - Its one of the most revered places of Hindus. Supposed to be the place of bathing of Gauri Mata or wife of Lord Shiva, it a place of serenity.

Our Suggestions
  • Kedarnath Badrinath and Hemkund Yatra is a easy yatra as most of the distance can be covered either by road or by train. There are direct connectivities.
  • No special permits are required for the entire Yatra.
  • For the journey, pre book the hotels. Contact us for the same.
  • Keep Indian Currency all the time with you. Very less Money exchangers will be there on the way.
  • Its good to travel in a group while on a pilgrim.
  • As such there are no medical checkups required but as this Yatra requires, its advisable that people with serious heart problems or other ailments should not go for this yatra.
  • Always keep some snack and drinking water while going from one place to another.
  • As per the changing weather conditions, take both warm and cotton clothes. To know more, contact us.
  • For Tours and further information, contact us.

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