India - Be in the Rendezvous land of color, culture and fauna - Bandhavgarh National Park located in Madhya Pradesh is an ideal place to witness the wildlife species in their natural habitat. Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve

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Bandhavgarh National Park

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Bandhavgarh National Park can be described as a concurrence where nature and history meets. The park is largely covered with Sal forest, that form the perfect abode of a wide variety of habitats and high density, including a large number of tigers. The National park is reigned by the imposing Bandhavgarh Fort. As you rise to the architectural splendor, 800m above you get aquainted with the magic of the wildlife sanctuary as well as surrounding countryside.

A Walk In The Wild:
Bandhavgarh is known for the Royal Bengal Tigers, cheetals, leopard, gaur, sambhar, and many more faunal species. Bandhavgarh is densely populated with white tigers, the highest in India. Enthusiastic naturalists unravel the mysteries of nature, while driving past the park. The park is now home to 22 species of wildlife, including the regal 'gaur', umpteen varieties of deer, and carnivores such as the striped hyena, jungle cat and sloth bear and over 250 species of birds. The place is an excellent spot to watch both the predator and the prey. The reptilian species include cobras, kraits, vipers and pythons.

The park is largely covered with moist deciduous forest. The terrain is broken, with rocky hill ranges, running roughly east west, interspersed with grassy swamps and forested valleys.

You can choose to explore the exotic wildlife from a variety of options available. The wildlife can be viewed on elephant back or in a jeep or by car. A forest department guide always accompanies you in these safaris. The best time to visit the park is early in the morning or after 4 p.m.It is during this time that the animals are most active and are easily spotted.

Bandhavgarh National Park
Chital Deer Standing on Hind Legs:

Bandhavgarh National Park
Travelers in India Watching Tigers:

Bandhavgarh National ParkWeather Wise:
Summers start here in April and continues till June. The temperature touches the high of around 42°C. But these are also the months when you can look forward to sighting tigers and leopard. December to February is the best months climate wise, while the weather is cool and pleasant. The park is closed during the monsoon season, which also coincides with the breeding season, from June till November. Another reason for closure during this season is the torrential rainfall washing away most of the jungle tracks.

Wheels To Bandhavgarh:
» By Road: Bandhavgarh is located equidistance from the city of Jabalpur and world famous tourist spot of Khajuraho. You can reach Bandhavgarh by using roads from both these places.

» By Rail: Katni at a distance of 120 km on the South-Eastern Railways is the ideal railway connection for reaching Bandhavgarh.

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