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Chinese Market

Plan Your Tour
Been to a market which glows with Bright Red Color in the morning and light bulbs in the night. If not, then this is the market where you should go. Filled with Red color products, be it electronic items, toys, dolls, dresses, carpets or curtains. Avariety of products can be found in the Chinese Market.

With the Indian Market flooding with Chinese Goods, this is one place where Chinese Goods are sold at length. Brightly colored, cheaply priced and good to use for a couple a months, these are liked by the people who cannot afford very highly priced products or by those who do not have a long term use of the particular item.

Location : Chinese Market is located near the Kirti Nagar Mall of Old Delhi. It can be easily reached by cabs or taxis.

Fast Facts
  • City Name - New Delhi
  • Market Name - Chinese Market
  • Famed For - Chinese Products.
  • Language Spoken - Hindi, English, Chinese
  • Best Time to Visit - November to February

Lodhis Garden
Lodhi Gardens
Known as the Joggers Park of Delhi, the Lodhi Gardens are amongst the most beautiful gardens. Apart form being a good garden, the Tombs of Sayyiad and Lodhi Builders are also made here, which makes it a historical site too.

Qutub Minaret
Qutub Minar
Unfulfilled wishes can be fulfilled here, they say if you move around the Unrusted Iron Pillar of Qutub Minar. Something like the Pisa Ki Minar, this leaning Minar is one of the attractions of the Old Delhi. Visited by thousands of Visitors each year, its one place to see.

Chinese MarketShopping Spree in Chinese Market :

» Meena Bazar- This Market opened by Noor Jahan for the ladies, still stands today; though the look and the products sold here have changed with the time. Perfumes, Artificial Jewellery, Leather Products, Souvenirs and Traditional Dresses are the main attractions of Meena Bazar.

» Chinese Bizaree- The first name which comes with the Chinese Market is the Toys. Bright red colored toys with the combination of yellow and Green, its one of the places where you can really buy Cheap Toys for almost all ages. Then there are the clothes - polyesters and tervinyls are names here to be found in every second cloth shop. There is another thing for which Chinese Market is famous for - Electronic goods. Almost every electronic good can be found here - spare parts, sockets, wires, full pieces all are here. The prices of these items are also very cheap but there is no warranty for these goods. How long they will work is no ones headache. But there is one Guarantee - even if the Electronic good works for a day, then it will be the best !

Chinese Market is usually crowded, with lots of people coming here on an average. With them comes the noise and the voices of thousands of feet - but that is the main attraction of the Delhis Chinese Market.

Not to be Missed

Chandni Chowk- Chandni Chowk Market known for its Rickshaw Rides and the Chaats ( Indian Delicaies) is a must for any Visitor to Delhi. Situated in Old Delhi area called Dariyagang, it can be reached by any of the local transportations or cabs.

Our Suggestions
  • Chinese Market is all about second grade Chinese Products. None of the Indian Products can be found in the Chinese Market.
  • Chinese Products are cheaply priced but they have no guarantees. Its upto you to buy them.
  • All the Electronic items sold in the Chinese Market, come with one agenda - use and throw. Toys can be purchased from here.
  • Some of the average Restaurants and eating Joints can be found here. But its preferable to have food in your Hotel.
  • If you are coming to the Chinese Market, then make a half day plan to see the entire Market. As there will be all time walking, then there should be some time to rest.
  • If you are shopping in the months of March to June end, then its best to shop in the evenings after 6 o'clock.
  • Beware of the Thugs in the Chinese Market. Things once lost cannot be recovered because of the huge Crowd in the Market. Its better to leave the Valueables like passport in the Hotel Locker.
  • Money Converters can be easily found in Delhi City. However, its difficult to find them in Chinese Market and the around areas. However, you may find one or two Branches of Western Union in the corners or else you can go to Bank of India and State Bank of India for Money Conversion.
  • For Tours and further information, contact us.

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