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Manik Chowk

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Visiting a Market of the Old ages - something between the Royal age and the modern age is something which should come as a different experience. If you want to see something like this, then you should visit the Manik Chowk of Aligarh - Uttar Pradesh. Manik Chowk - the place of business men of the 70s still echoes here in this land. As you enter the market-place a feeling of the Bullockcarts filled with Grain sacks and the Merchants of the yesteryears dealing with the details of the days sale comes out as vivid dream. Its a different feeling which attracts the people to Manik Chowk, rest remains the same.

Aligarh, a small town in the state of Uttar Pradesh is at its best in the winters. Being here in the winters calls the people for a simple walk in the clean roads of the city, sitting down by the roadside to see the children play or to simply sit in the armchair and feel the breeze going by. Its something one dosen't get in Metros like Delhi and Mumbai. To say, being in Aligarh means being in a corner of the Heaven.

Location : Manik Chowk is the main Trading Market of Aligarh City - that means most of the sale and purchasing of almost all sorts is done here. Sold in wholesale, this market attracts whole sale prices for the items which are sold on daily basis.

Fast Facts
  • City Name - Aligardh (Uttar Pradesh)
  • Market Name - Manik Square/ Chowk
  • Famed For - Ethnic Indian Clothes, Silver Jewellery, Precious Stones and Goods
  • Language Spoken - Hindi, English, Awadhi
  • Best Time to Visit - October to February

Aligarh Fort
Aligarh Fort
This small rustic fort of Aligarh reminds of the Kings and Queens of the Aligarh. History seems to have stopped at this place, its a desert in the surrounding greenery. It gives a deserted look from the outside, but once you are inside, the life comes alive with the reminances of the past.

Aligarh University
Aligardh Muslim University
Established by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, this University saw the birth of an important Indian Political Party - Muslim League. Some prominent names like Syed Brothers, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Maulana Sibli Nomani and Zakir Hussein have been a product of this University.

Manik ChowkShopping Spree in Manik Chowk :

» The Cloth Market- Aligarh is famous for its Kurta Pyjamas (traditional Indian Dress). The best ones are made here. So if you are in Aligarh, then don't forget to pick your piece. Aptly priced, these are good for the fine cloth being provided by the Cloth Merchants.

The walking and talking stoks of people filling the markets with the daily business will tell you are in the Manik Chowk. Made in a Circle, all the roads of the Manik Chowk lead you to the middle of the Market. There lined up on both the sides of the street are the tiny little shops and showrooms with clothes, kitchenwares, artificial and silver jewellery, shoes and Indian Dresses lined up. Colors spread here like anything. Its just like any other festival being celebrated on daily basis. Rare but original are the precious stones which are sold here in the Manik Chowk. These Precious stones are something for which the Manik Chowk is famous for. Beautiful and sparkling, these are the best things which are found only in Manik Chowk.

Not to be Missed

Aligarh Agricultural University- The tractors run here, green trees flow fresh air and the fruits present you with Fruits. The Aligarh Agricultural University is a delight to see.

Our Suggestions
  • Aligarh, is a small city and so are its people - away from much ado and throngs of a big city. Life is simple here.
  • The Manik Chowk is famous for two things - the precious stones and the Clothes. Both are aptly priced and can be purchased from here.
  • You can bargain a bit in the Manik Chowk, but as the prices are already so low, there is no point of haggling.
  • The True taste of Indian Sweets like Jalebi and Gulab Jamun can be savored in the place like ALIGARH. Try these in the local market. But, eat your food at the Hotel only.
  • As Aligarh is a small town, there isn't much variety in the local market and its restaurants. Expect a plain and simple Indian Food here.
  • Being in Aligarh can be a good excursion away from the city lights as its near to major cities like Mathura, Agra, Delhi and Jaipur. So you can easily take a day or two out.
  • Walk down the roads and streets of Aligarh to see what India actually is. Its not the big cities but the places like this which make India a Country.
  • The winters are the best time to be in Manik Chowk of Aligarh. Walking down or hiring a bicycle for the excursion to the Manik Chowk is the best idea. Early mornings or the evenings are the best time to be here.
  • Money converters are a simply No - No in Aligarh. However, the Punjab National Bank and State Bank Of India can be of some help. Still its better to keep the Indian Currency in hand before reaching Aligarh.
  • For Tours and further information, contact us.

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