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Unlike other Religions, Christianity does not believe in thousand Gods. It is a Monotheist Religion, which believes in only one God. However there are three Groups of Christians - Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant. As per the Christian ideology, the God himself incarnated in the form of Jesus Christ. The Crucifixion of Jesus is thought of as his resurrection.


JESUS was born as the son of God in and redeemer of human kind at Bethlehem of Judea and brought up in Nazareth of Galilee. Caesar Augutus was the ruler of Judea at the time Jesus was born. Mother Mary and Father Joseph were the foster parents. They were the living artistants. Before Jesus grew up as a young lad, his father Joseph died. Mary - the head of the family took care of Jesus.

When Jesus turned thirty, John the Bapist, conducted a religious and moral revival. The baptism marked the beginning of the Jesus's public ministry in Galiliee and the surrounding areas. It was here that Jesus first heard the voice of the God and the people looked upon him as Prophet . But the trained and so called learned leaders of Jewish law took him as their enemy -as his teachings would ward them away. Their bitterness lead to the arrest of the Jesus Christ at the Jewish Festival of Passover. The Governor Pontius Pilate blamed him the guilt of claiming to be the King of Jews and adjudged him to Crucifixion. Jesus died with a few hours of Crucifixation.

Christmas Day
Fairs and Festivals
Ash Wednesday (Feb/March), Goa Carnival (Feb), Easter Sunday (March/April), St. Thomas Day (July 3rd, Oct 6th), Good Friday (March/April), Holy Week (March/April), St. Francis Xaviers Day (Dec 3rd), All Saints Day (Nov 1) and Christmas (Dec 25th) are the famous festivals and Fairs of Christians.

Christian Scriptures
The Main Scripture of Chtistians is the Holy Bible. All the teaching of Jesus Christ have been compiled into this one book called the Bible. Though all the Bibles worlover bear the same ideology, but one may find some differences in the Catholic and Protestant Thought of School.

The ChurchCustoms of Christianity :

There are three main Customs of Christianity :

Baptism : After 40 days of Birth, a Christian Child receives its first sacranment. This rite called the Churching is performed by the priest in the presence of the child, hi parents and his entire family. In this ceremony, the childs feet are dipped in the holy water and thus the child is admitted to Christianity.

First Holy Communion : In this Ceremony, the child of the age ten years takes the responsibility that he mature enough and takes the responsibility of his religion. If the child is Catholic, he receives religious instructions for at least a month before the ceremony and is orally tested for his knowledge on Christianity. After this the child is given the Sacrament of being a Christian by the Bishop.

Marriage : In Christian Marriage, the bride and the bridegroom, meet the Parish Priest a month before the actual marriage ceremony to learn about their responsibilities. On the Marriage day, the bride and the bridegroom exchange vows and wedding rings to solmenize their wedding.

Places of Pilgrimage

Bom Jesus Church - The Bom Jesus which is in Old Goa has the body of St. Francis Xaviers lying in Calm and Peace. The Duke of Tuscancy donated four beautiful bronze panels depicting the Saints life Scenes. An Italian Lady Fransesca de Sopranis, donated a costly silver statue of the Saint which too lies here. People from world over come here to visit this Pilgrimage of Goa.

Begum Samrus Church - St. Marys Church Sardhana, is known as Begum Samrus Church. The Church is named after its builder - Begum Samru who constructed it in the year 1822. The Church has a beautiful marble monument of the Begum Samru lying at the entrance of the Church.

St Marys Church - The first English Church in India - the St. Marys Church was built in the year 1680 Chennai. This Protestant Church is one of the many churches in Indian which epitomes the legend of Mother Mary rather than Jesus Christ.

Not to be Missed

Apostle Thomas Church - The most important and sacred Church which also has a Historical Value is situated in Chennai - Tamil Nadu. St. Mount Thomas is the site of death of the Apostle Thomas. The Church walls have the references to the work and writings of the St. Thomas.

Our Suggestions
  • It is important to maintain peace and silence in the Churches. So whenever you are visiting any of the Churches in India, keep silence. Should you need to ask anything, seek the help of your tour guide.
  • Whenever you visit a Church, look for the mass Candle Light place. Light a candle here and pray for the peace and goodness of others.
  • Most of the Churches are dedicated to Jesus Christ, but some of them are also dedicated to Mother Mary. In any case give due respect to both.
  • If you wish to the ceremony of Christians (except baptism - in which only invitees are there), take prior permission from the Church else ask the tour operator to arrange one for you - if possible.
  • The best Churches in Indian can be found in Goa - Old Goa. So if you want to visit a range of them, go for Old Goa.
  • The Customs and Religion of Protestants and Catholic Christians differ a bit. Be known to them when you visit a Church or just be a Spectator. Do not comment on their religion.
  • There are direct Trains for South India and Goa. If you are going to Goa from Bombay/Mumbai - you can go by road, as its only a 5-6 hrs of Journey.
  • For Tours and further information, contact us.

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