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Hinduism or Sanatandharma believes that the Universe works on two major concepts - Anadi and Ananta - that is without any beginning or without any end. It says that the creation of Universe is eternal and proceeds in cycle which repeats itself. Any human being or human form who wishes to move out of this cycle of death and rebirth needs to achieve Nirvana or Moksha. By the way of Moksha one is not born again. So as per Hindu ideology, the Human being has to achieve four goals in life - Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.

The Hindu Religion goes back to the age when Maharshi Ved Vyas wrote Ramayana and the time when the Great Hindu Epic Mahabharata was written. Its an ideology which has penetrated generations. Hinduism does not come from a single person, nor does it believe in a single diety. The historic records of Hinduism date back to over Four Thousand Years ago. It was the Indus Valley Civilization, which formed the basis of Hinduism. Then came the Aryans, who later on added to the roots of Hinduism. The Aryans spreaded themselves over the plains of the Holy River Ganges, the Persians christened the area as Hindustan - The ADOBE OF HINDUS. Thus Hinduism spreaded as a vast civilisation.

According to the Hinduism ideology, each manifested cycle of life is divided into four YOGAS or Aeons, namely Satya ( 1,728,99 years), Treta ( 1,296,000 years), Dwapara ( 864,000 years) and Kali ( 432,000 years). Different Epics describe these Yogas.

Nav Durga
Fairs and Festivals
Holi, Holika, Deepawali, Rakshabandhan, Guru Poornima, Maha Shiv Ratri, Nav Durga/ Durga Puja are some of the famous Hindu Festivals. If one wishes to know the true colors of Hinduism, one has to see the various festivals of Hindus. These fairs and festivals like Kumbh Ka Mela are the true picture of what Hinduism is all about.

Hindu Scriptures
Upnishadas, Manu Smriti, Puranas, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagwat Geeta, Sankhya, Four Vedas - Rig, Yajur, Sam. Atharva. Six Vedangas, Upa - Vedas, Shad - Darshans, Dharma Shastras, Jyotishastras are some of the most famous Hindu Scriptures of all time.

Hindu TempleCustoms of Hinduism :

As per Hinduism, there are four stages of a human life ( Indo - Aryan Life) :

Brahmacharya : This Ashram denotes the period of training of an individual. Here one disciplines the body and mind to achieve the goal of a student. He is taught the Arts and Sciences which are useful in leading a life. Both Men and Women are supposed to carry out the duties of Brahmacharya.

Grahsta : Marriage is the main concept of this Ashrama. After the completion of Studies the Men and Women are supposed to enter the Grahstha Ashram and take the responsibilities of a Household. One is supposed to carry out his/her worldly duties with sincerity.

Vanaprastha : Vanaprastha Ashram comes into action once the Household duties are complete. When one becomes a Grandfather/Grandmother, he/she is supposed to pass on his worldly duties to his grown up children. The person is thus expected to retire from all the worldly activities as soon as his grandson is born to him.

Sanyasa : Sanyasana Ashrama is the Stage when one seeks renunciation from the worldly affairs. It is called as Jeevan Mukta or Videhamukta. Sanyasa is the state of mind which one has to achieve.

Places of Pilgrimage

Vaishno Devi- One of the most revered Temples of Hindus, Vaishno Devi is situated in Srinagar. People throng here to get their wishes fulfilled or just to be here. This religious place is visited by hundreds and thousands of people through out the year. One can reach here through Jammu via Katra.

Sabrimala - Situated at an altitude of 914 m above the sea level, it is situated in Thiruvilla near Kerala. The main festival is during December/January called Mandakalam.

Dwarka - The land of the Charmer - Lord Krishna -Dwarka or Dwarkadhish as it is called, is visited by thousands of people each year. Sleeping inside the sea, it can be seen from above through boat rides.

Not to be Missed

Amarnath - Amarnath Yatra is supposed to be toughest one because of the altitude at which it is located. Situated in Himalays, its takes a month to reach , as one can reach here only by foot. Walking on the rough terrains is a tough task One has to go through Medical Tests for this Yatra. Only on being put as Medically fit, one can proceed for this Yatra.

Our Suggestions
  • Hindus are the most easy going people as they do not put put much ado as to what you are wearing while visiting a Hindu Pilgrim. However being nicely dressed is the best thing to do.
  • Whenever you are on a trip to see any of the Hindu Pilgrim, try to have your food in your Hotel itself. Avoid the food being sold in the Hotels and Restaurants outside the temples as the food is too oily and spicy. However, pilgrims like Vaishno Mata and Amarnath are exception.
  • Take the advice of your guide provided by your tour operator. Avoid hiring guide other than from your tour operator.
  • Do not eat anything given by strangers and avoid staying at strangers home. If you wish to spend or two in a Indian Home, take the help of your tour operator.
  • Keep your clothings as per the pilgrim you are going to visit. However, cottons are the best for Indian Environment, whatever the season may be.
  • Avoid travelling in India in the Monsoon Season - that is in the months of July to August end.
  • Keep your belongings with you. Do not disclose your passport details to strangers.
  • For Tours and further information, contact us.

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