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Islamism is the Monotheistic Religion - believing in one God. The word Islam is derived from the word Salam meaning peace. But it also means Submission. The people who follow Islam consider that who follows Islam agrees to abide by both body and mind by the will of God. Those following this path are known as Muslims. Islam is one of the latest originated religions - one which came into picture after Christianity. Muslims believe that the Gods Message to the Mankind has been a series of PROPHETS. Prophet Muhammed is the main Ideologist and Apostle of God.

Muhammed who is considered to be the main Prophet of Muslims, was the son of Abdulla and Amna and was born on 20 th April of 571 B.C. His parents died at a young age and he was brought up by his Uncle Abu Talib. On attaining maturity, he took up his Uncles business of Carvan. During one such business Trip he married a widow girl ( 15 years of age ) named Kjadija. After some years, he began to loose interest in life. For seclusion, he used to go cave in the outskirts of Meccan. One day as he was praying in Mount Hira, a angel came and asked him to : Proclaim". This was the beginning of the Prophet Mohammed. Slowly and gradually, in the city of Madina, on July 16th, 622 A.D., he established himself as the Prophet of God.

By the time, Muhammed died in 632 A.D., he has virtually all the Arab under his Garb. The teachings and Sayings of Muhammed are revered as the Sacred Teachings of Muhammed all over the world.

Fairs and Festivals
Id - ul - Fitur (Jan-Feb), Id - ul - Azha (10th day of Zilhijja), Muharram (April), Id Mild -un - Nabi (November), Shab - e - barat (15th Aug) and Id - ul- Adha are the main festivals of Muslims.

Islamic Scriptures
The Quran, The Sunna, The Ijam and the Quias are the sacred scriptures of the Islamic Community. Out of all these, the Quran is the main book of all.

HajCustoms of Islamism :

There are three main customs of Mulims:

Bismillah : As soon the child reaches the age of four, he undergoes the ceremony of Bismillah. In this ceremony, the child is dressed in colorful dress and then given the first reading of Quran. The Child repeats the lines with his teacher and beguns his formal education.

Nikah or Marriage Ceremony : In this Ceremony, the bride and the bride groom exchange views in front of their parents, relatives and friends. Generally a Quazi asks for the consent of the to be husband and wife in the presence of witness.

Death Ceremony : Once a person passes away, he is bathed and then dressed in white. After reading the congregational prayers, he/ she is buried in the grave. People reciting the Quranic verse fill the grave with earth and again read the solmanisation prayers. After this food is distributed among the poor for the soul of the deceased.
Places of Pilgrimage

Moti Masjid- Situated in Agra, this Masjid was built by Shah Jahan in the year 1658 - 65 A.D. It took seven years to built this Mosque.

Jami Masjid- This Masjid is situated in Fatehpur Sikri near Agra. It was built in the year 1571 A.D.

Jama Masjid - Situated in Old Delhi, it is one of the most beautiful mosques in India. Its a must see for all those who visit Delhi.

Not to be Missed

Ajmere Sharif- Situated in Ajmer, it is the most sought after place. Its the place where people go to ask for fulling their desires.

Our Suggestions
  • If you are visiting any of the Masjids, be clad in fully covered dress - be it men or women. Muslims take serious offense against who are skimly dressed.
  • While visiting any of the Muslims religious places, its good to take the guidance of your operator.
  • Try to keep silence while you are seeing the Masjid or any of the other religious places. Maintain the decorum.
  • Keep you belongings in the safe locker of your hotel or keep them with you. Do not give it to strangers.
  • Mosques can found in every state of India, but the best ones are a few. As your tour operator, if you wish to see them or to know more about them.
  • For Tours and further information, contact us.

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