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Prophet Spitaman Zarathushtra was the founder of the religion called Zoroastrianism. He was also known as the Zoroaster of Ancient Iran ( c.1500 B.C.). Though Zoroastrians can be found all over the World, still a large part of the community can be found in India and its land of Origin - Iran.

The History of Zoroastrians goes back to the pre age, before Christ was born. At that time, about one thousand and five hundred years ago a Prophet was born whom the people of Iran called the Messenger of God. Zoroasters father was Pourushaspa and mother Dughdova. At his birth, the whole of the village was filled with light and he was smiling. At the age of 20. Spitaman left his home and stayed in the mountains for 20 years. On his return he began to preach on a new philosophy which later on came to be known as Zoroastrianism. The Zoroaster proclaimed to the world one God - Ahura Mazda, the LORD OF WISDOM.

Kai Vishtasp, the King of Iran was the first one to adopt the Zoroastrian Religion and thus it became a custom, tradition and religion of the people of Iran

Name Ceremony
Fairs and Festivals
Jashan, Jamesh-i-NoRuz, Khordadsal, Zarthososhtno Diso, Fravardegan and Gahmbars are the main festivals of Zoroastrians. Fire is the main God of Zoroastrians and each festival of Zoroastriansis incomplete without it.

Holy Book on the Table
Zoroastrian Scriptures
AVESTA is the general name given to the Scriptures of Zoroastrianism. There are five parts of Avesta, namely - Ahunavaiti, Ushtavaiti, Spenta Mainyu, Vohu Khshathra and Vaisishtoisht. These books have the detailed knowledge of the ideology of Zoroastrianism.

Fire TempelCustoms of Zoroastrians :

The customs of Zoroastrians include :

Ceremony : The General Term used for Ceremony is Avestan/ Yasna. The word Yasna compounds to the Sanskrit word meaning - Yagna - Sacrifice or Worship. The Zoroastrians ceremonies generally include : Purificatory Rituals, Initiation and Marriage Ceremonies, Thanksgiving, Invocatory and Dedicatory Ceremonies, Ceremonies for departed persons and ceremonies for consecrational of places of worship.

Funeral Ceremony : Zoroastrians believe that the soul of the departed person keeps revolving around the body till three days of its death to re - enter the body. For this they Zoroastrians keep the bodies in Tower of Silence, where they are eaten away by the Vultures and other Carnivores birds. But this is practiced only in India and Iran.
Our Suggestions
  • Zoroastrians do not allow people inside their Temple of Fire or Worship. The only people who are allowed inside are the Zoroastrians themselves.
  • If you wish to know more about Zoroastrians culture and tradition, then it is best to stay at a Parsis Home in India. For this you may ask your tour operator.
  • Mumbai City has a vast majority of Parsis/ Zoroastrians living - so this is the city to be in if you want to know Parsis better..
  • Keep you belongings in the safe locker of your hotel or keep them with you. Do not give it to strangers.
  • There are direct trains from all over the country to take you to Mumbai. If you are in Goa, you can even cover the distance by road. Its hardly 5-6 hrs of drive.
  • For Tours and further information, contact us.

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