Godavari -One of the most sacred rivers in Maharashtra and also in India, Godavari river originates in the mighty Himalayas and is one of the Seven River of Sindhus.

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Godavri River

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There are seven main/ sacred rivers in India – Ganga, Yamuna, Sindhu, Saraswati, Godavari, Narmada and Kaveri. All of them have their own significance. But there is one thing which is common to all - they all come from the melted Ice of Himalayas.

In a Religious Country like India, the water of Rivers is not only used for irrigation purposes, but they are also revered as Goddesses. They are often prayed, fasts are kept to keep them happy and temples are built in their respect. There are also a number of festivals held in their respect. Various religious and cultural festivals are held on the banks of rivers and people feel blessed by taking a dip in the holy waters of these rivers.

Godavri, (one of the rivers in Maharashtra) out of all the seven rivers has a special significance.

Fast Facts
  • Place of Origin : Trimbak in Nasik of Maharashtra
  • Compliance : Comes under the Seven River of Sindhus (Indus Valley Civilization)
  • Place of Pilgrimage : Trimbakeshwar, Nasik, Nanded, Basar

Godavri River

Godavri River

Godavri River

Godavri River

Godavri also known as Dakshina Ganga, is the longest river of South India. Godavri means the river which has the largest flow of water. As per the legend – the river was brought down to earth by Sage Gautama to expiate the sin of Killing a Cow. Lord Shiva was too happy to give some of his Jata/hair containing water. When the Sage Gautama sprinkled this water along with the Godavari water on the dead cow, she came alive, gave blessings to the Sage and disappeared. To this day Godavari is called as the birth giver of Cows. For the same reason, it is called as Goda or Godavari. It is believed that the water of Godavari when drank gives off spring to childless mothers.
Originating from Arabian Sea and ending towards Bay Of Bengal, Godavri is supposed to be divided into seven small rivers named after seven sages before it merges into the sea. The Seven Sage are Kasyapa, Atri, Gautama, Bhaaradwaja, Viswamitra, Jamdagni and Vashishtha. All the devotees of Godavri take a dip in all these rivers to complete one cycle of Pilgrime. If any one of the seven rivers are left out, the pilgrim is supposed to be incomplete.

One of the major Pilgrimage of River Godavri is the Trymbak Village in Nasik of Maharashtra. Tribmbekashwar, Jyotirlinga, Panchwati, Rajahmundri, Bhadrachalam, Nanded and Kotapalli are the sacred places and cities situated on the banks of Godavari.

With a drainage area of 313,000 sq kms in seven states – Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Orissa it has Sabari, Indravati, Pranahita and Manijra river s as it main contributors.

Savour of Ailments : Drinking the water of Godavri river is supposed to cure major diseases like leprosy, tuberculosis, blood pressure. It is also supposed to be good in treating stomach related ailments like digestion and gastric problems.

  • Places of Pilgrims especially Sacred Rivers of India are filled with Sages/Sadhus, beggars and all class of people. People mostly come here for the purpose of going to a Pilgrime rather than an excursion. So maintain the decorum of a Pilgrim.
  • Nicely clad cotton clothes with wraps are preffered and admired in these places. Do not wear short clothes as they may attract discripencies.
  • River banks are a favorite place of Astrologers and Street Hawkers. Try ti be away from them as much as possible. However if you wish to seek some advice from these astrologers or buy from Hawkers, keep an strict eye on your belongings. Your belongings are your responsibility and nobody else's.
  • NON – VEGETARIAN IS STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED IN SUCH SACRED PLACES. Be prepared to eat totally vegetarian, typically Indian and greasy (heavily loaded with ghee and oil) food. Sweets are a must have s in such places.
  • Book your hotel much earlier as in the festive season, there is no way you will find a hotel here. Even if find one in festive season, be ready to pay exhobirant price.
  • For you own good, go to such places either in a group or at least two people should be there. Avoid travelling alone.
  • Keep your passport, travel cards, travelers cheques, along with you. Don't give it to anyone else.
  • Take a guided tour, contact us for the same.

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