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Cane and Bamboo Products

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These are the offshoots of Assam - the Cane and Bamboo Products. Assam State is a big producer of sylvan resources. The Forests of Assam are filled with bamboos and Canes out which various products are made. Out of all the regions Assam has the North Chahhar Hills, Mizo Hills, Mikir Hills, Nowgong Hills, and Lakhimpur District are very famous for their Bamboo and Bamboo products.

The Canes and Bamboos which are used in making of Bamboo products are Muli, Dhalu, Khang, Pecha and Kaligoda. Bamboo Wall Hangings, Bamboo Vases, Frog Basket, Cradels, Dining Chairs, Easy Chair, Garden Chair, Rocking Chair are some of the products made out of Cane and Bamboo.
Fast Facts
» Best Quality Found : Assam
» Traditional Use : Showpieces, lampshades, Sofas, pack - tables, curtains, platters
» To be Used In: Homes, Offices
» Where to Shop: Assam, New Delhi, Goa

Bamboo Home
The Home :
Entire room can be decorated with the Bamboo and Cane Products. The Range expands from Sofas of living room to Beds of Bedrooms!

Bamboo Making
Assam :
Assam and other North Indian States are the best place to know how Bamboo Products are made. So take a tour of North East India to know more about Bamboos and Canes!

Bamboo Drawing Room
Crafting of Cane and Bamboo Products

For making a Bamboo or Cane Product one has to take some tools. the tools are - a knife, a jak (V shaped wooden frame) and a Dao (bill -hook). For making any product first of all, the cane has to be cut into thin sticks or thin threads. This can be done with the help of knife and jak. The sticks are made in the open grounds and there is no particular shed or room to make them. When a very large scale production is done, there are chances of a big workshop. Sometimes files and saw too are used.

For every product there are different sizes and designs. All of them are made accordingly. The bamboo strips are woven with flexible cane slips. The Jali ( knit) is fitted with bamboo ropes. Thus the pieces are interlocked as per the desired shape. The Craftsmanship of the bamboo products takes time. One has to prepare the product very well, as one wrong stitching can completely disfigure the product. It can take one week to months to prepare one Bamboo Product depending upon the size and complexity of the design.

The Bamboo and Cane Products come for as low as Rs 100/- and as High as Rs 20,000/-.

  • Cane and Bamboo products are best made in North East India. Its best to purchase them from there.
  • Assam has the whole industry producing Cane and Bamboo Products. If you want to purchase any of these products, its better to buy from here. Both the Cost and Variety have a range in Assam.
  • Bamboo and Cane Products have a variety of use. They make a part of Office and Home simultaneously.
  • There are certain precautions one has to take after purchasing Bamboo and Cane Products. One has to protect them against water especially rainwater. Sunlight is good for them. Termite Powder has to be sprinkled on them from time to time to safeguard them from Termites.
  • If you are buying these products, ask the dealer to deliver them at your home. The homedelivery is usually free of cost.
  • The prices of Bamboo and Cane Products can vary from anywhere Rs 100/ - to Rs 20,00/-. Ask the local dealer for the best price. Otherwise BARGAIN !.

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