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Blue Pottery

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Pottery takes us to the age of Harrapan and Mohanjodaro - the first developed Civilisations of India. Pottery is an art, a way of expressing the joys and ones imagination, in the forms of colorful pots. Various pots, in different shapes, colors makes for one of the best ways of decorating the living rooms or the outer portion of the homes.

Blue Pottery, the famous pottery of Jaipur, makes use of Fullers Earth - Multani Mitti as the base of any pottery. Its a imported technique, first used by the Mongols and then transferred to various countries. However the Indian Concept is a mix of Fullers Earth, Chinese Glazing Technology with Indian Designs. The main and only color used in Blue Pottery is the Sky Blue Color with the base as Pure White.

Mostly found in the Pink City of Jaipur, Blue Pottery is famous world over for its design and longevity.
Fast Facts
» Best Quality Found : Jaipur (Rajasthan)
» Traditional Use : Pitchers, Serving Dishes, Lampshades, Earthen Wares, Flower Pots, Vases
» To be Used In: Showcases, As Gifts
» Where to Shop: Jaipur, New Delhi, Agra

Tea Time
The Blue Tea :
Have a taste of Indian Tea in the beautiful cups of Blue Pottery. Set yourself in the working setup with the set of a Blue Pottery Tea Set !

Blue Showcase
Started in the year 1952, the Delhis Blue Pottery Trust aims at promoting Studio Blue Pottery. This trust works on talks, lectures, demonstrations and slide shows of the Blue Pottery. It is one place to know more about the blue pottery - Live !

Blue Platter
Crafting of Blue Pottery

The Jaipurs Blue Pottery involves making a paste of the clay. First of all a semi liquid paste of Fullers Earth is made. Water and blue color is added to this paste and mixed well so that the color of the fullers earth comes out to be blue. Persian Blue Dye is used to color the clay. The Pots are shaped on a special machine used for making the various designs of Pottery. Once the Pottery is made it is heated at high temperatures to make it unbreakable and un - crackable.

Once the pottery has been made colors like green and blue are added to it, to make it more beautiful. These days blue pottery also comes in colors like green and yellow, but if you are naive, then go for only blue color. Some of the Blue Pottery is even transparent and designed with Birds and Animals. There are blue motifs and floral carvings on blue pottery range. Apart from this the blue pottery may be broadly categorized into figurines of divinities, ceremonial pottery and votive offerings. Though the Indian Blue Pottery has quite a resemblance to Netherlands Delfware in its looks; still the procedure and design of Indian Pottery is completely different.

The beginning price of blue pottery is Rs 300/ - and it can go as high as Rs 10,000/-.

  • Jaipur is famous for Blue Pottery. So if you are in Jaipur, take a pick from here. In Jaipur its cost effective as well as the range is wide.
  • You will find the best pieces of Blue Pottery either around the local market of Hawa Mahal or City Palace of Jaipur. Otherwise its all over Jaipurs Local Markets.
  • If you purchasing it from outside Jaipur, then there is going to be a price difference. Outside Jaipur, the blue pottery is going to be priced high.
  • There are many uses of Blue Pottery. You can use it to decorate your home, your office or your garden.
  • If you are transferring Blue Pottery from one place to other place in India or are exporting it to your own country, then buy it from a showroom. They take the responsibility to send it to your home.
  • Ask the local guide for the current price of the Blue Pottery.

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