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Miniature Taj Mahal

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It was in the year 1607, that the young prince Shah Jahan was completely smitten by the beauty of 14 year old Anjuman Bano in the famed Meena Bazar. On being asked by the then Emperor and his father, Emperor Jahangir, he was told that the marriage could not be solmenised before five years. The Royal Marriage took place in the year 1612.

The Queen now called Noorjahan, gradually became an important part of the Royal Court, with major decisions regarding the Empire being taken by her. She died in the year 1631, in Bhrhanpur of Madhya Pradesh, where she was accompanying the Emperor Shah Jahan in a Campaign to crush a rebellion. She died out of complications arising out of birth of fourteenth child, a girl. While dying she took four promises from Shah Jahan. Taj Mahal is the outcome of one of those four promises.

Miniature Taj Mahal is the Replica of this Master Piece called the Taj Mahal. Made in Marble or Sandstone, this is the unique thing which is found only in India.
Fast Facts
» Best Quality Found : Agra - Uttar Pradesh
» Traditional Use : As Showpiece
» To be Used In: Showcases, As Gifts
» Where to Shop: Agra - Uttar Pradesh

Moonlit Taj
The Moonlit Taj :
Watching Taj Mahal in the moonlight is altogether a different experience. To see the magic of this White beauty, be here after 6: 30 p.m. in the evening.

Mini Taj
Asbastos Taj Mahal :
Looking just like Marble, the Asbastos miniature Marble are quite popular in the Market. But buying the Marble ones is the better option. (The ASBESTOS comes as low as Rs 100/-).

The Taj
Crafting of Miniature Taj Mahal

There are two types of Minature taj Mahal. One is made from pure marble - Natural Plain White and comes at a price. The other one is made of Albaster and Soapstone. These are manufactured in 2,3,4,5,6,7,9,10,12,14,18,24,36 inches size. This size denotes the size of the square base on which the miniature Taj Mahal is built. These Miniatures can either be light fitted or can be used as light lamp. Or these can be gifted.

Though the rough material for making the Taj Mahal may differ the procedure of making them is the same. First of all the base size is decided. Based upon the size of the base, the frame size and the size of the four pillars is decided. Once the measurements of the miniature is made, the entire thing is hand crafted.

These miniatures are prized as low as Rs 500/ and as high as Rs 4000/-.

  • While Miniature Taj Mahal or Replica of Taj Mahal are found in various cities like Goa and parts of Uttar Pradesh, the best can be found only in Agra - where the actual Taj Mahal is located.
  • Asbastos looks like Marble from a distance. To make a difference, ask the price. The Asbastos ones will be lowly priced, as low as Rs 500/- while the Marble one won't be less than Rs 1000/-.
  • To find the real Quality, you can check out the real Miniature Taj Mahal at the Uttar Pradesh Government Emporium, which is around the vicinity of the real Taj Mahal Building. Mostly the Camel ride, just a kilometer away from the Taj Mahal take you to these Emporiums OR you can simply walk to these Emporiums (from the parking).
  • These Miniature Taj Mahals are the best ones to be gifted as presents to loved ones.
  • The lighter Miniatures are often used over Wedding Cakes.

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