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Worn by the Kings and Queens, Mojaris are the traditional wears of Rajasthan. Mojaris, to say are the Indian Shoes worn on special occasions. Embroided in Zaris, these are the exquisite pieces of hand craft which are worn by the Indians on special occasions. Made in the shades of light blue, pink, orange, dark red and Magentta, these form the matching piece of the Traditional Wedding Dress. Mojaris are especially worn with Sherwanis and Ghagra Cholis.

Mojaris are worn by both genders - men and women. Depending upon the color and design these are sold in the market. The Unique thing about Mojaris is that both the mojaris can be interchanged and worn in either side of the foot. The Mojaris are so cut that they fit in each feet, regardless of the side they are worn in .

India is a land of festivals. In these festivals a variety of clothes are worn. As per the state and the traditional occasion of that State, the clothes and shoes are changed. Mojaris are one such variety of shoes which are worn by the Rajasthani People at various ceremonies like weddings.
Fast Facts
» Best Quality Found : Rajasthan
» Traditional Wear : Rajasthani Wedding Dress - Sherwanis
» To be Worn : Weddings, Indian Ceremonies
» Where to Shop: Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab, New Delhi

Rajasthani Mojaris
Rajasthani Mojaris :
The Traditional Dress of Rajasthan, worn by Rajasthani Women, is the best combination for Mojaris.

Matted Mojaris :
Mojaris are of various types. Out of these matted ones are the most sought after.

Crafting of Mojaris

Making Mojaris is a craft of perfection. The various designs, colors, sizes are accompanied by the comfort and softness which is added to the Mojaris. Mojaris the Indian Shoes are made of wood, cloth and threads. First of all the wood/ leather which makes for the flooring or the feet part of the mojari is cut into the desired design or size. Around 200 designs are crafted out each month by a individual manufacturer.

Once the base is cut, then comes the turn of the upper part of mojari. The cloth is taken, cut in the desired shape and the stewn from all the sides. Then the design is made out of thread s of various colors and designs made out. This design when completed, is then stewn with the base of the mojari. The mojari is now ready to be sold.

Once crafted the Mojari is sold in the market in bulk. And then there it is, hanging in various shops with various prices attached to them as per the design and the wood used in crafting the Mojari.

  • Mojaris are the traditional Indian Wears not to be worn in Daily use.
  • If you are wearing the Mojaris for the first time, take half an hour out walking in your room to make your feet accustomed to the mojaris.
  • Wear Mojaris with the Traditional Indian Dresses like the Lehnga Chunri, Kurta Payjama and Shewani.
  • Though Mojaris are the traditional wears of Rajasthan, a variant of them can also be found in other Indian States like Gujarat. Other major Cities like New Delhi and Agra too have variants of Mojaris.
  • Usually there are separate shops for Mojaris, so you won't find them in normal Adidas or Levis Shoes Shops OR any Shopping Mall. Ask for Mojaris shop if you are going to shop for Mojaris.
  • The price range of Mojaris begins from Rs 1000/- and goes upto Rs 5000/- as per the quality of the Mojari. More the intricate the design and pure the leather, more is the price of the Mojari.

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