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Pashmina Shawls

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Pashmina Shawls are the most exquisite Shawls of India. It is also very highly priced but that is for the reason of the Wool which is os rare. Found in the snows and Hills of Himalayas, this wool comes from the Goat called Pashmina or Changthangi. This breed of Goat is usually found in Ladakh and Kashmir, usually raised for Meat or Cashmere/Pashmina Wool. The Pashmina Goat survives on the Grass grown on the lands of Kashmir and Ladakh where the temperature can go as below as -20 Deg Centigrade.

Changthangi Goat sheds an approximate of 3 - 8 ounces of wool/ winter coat every spring. This wool is then collected and used for making Pashmina Shawls. Today, the Pashmina Goats are commercially reared to meets the demands of the capturing buyers. These Shawls are not only sold in India but are also exported. reared in Gobi Desert and Mongolia, these regions have a lot of green grass for the goats to graze.

Various sizes which are avialable in the market are 12 * 60 for stalls and 30 * 60 for full size Shawls.
Fast Facts
» Best Quality Found : Kashmir
» Traditional Use : As Stalls, Scarf, Wrap, Fashion accessories and daily use
» To be Used In: Weddings, Gifts, Daily Use
» Where to Shop: Kashmir, Laddakh, New Delhi and Goa

Pashmina Shawl
Bedsheets and Cushion Covers :
Pashmina is mainly used for making Shawls. However, Bedsheets and cushion covers too are made out of Pashmina Wool.

Viciuos Pashmina
Viscous Pashmina:
In the market you will find Viscous Pashmina too. With the labels - Authentic Viscous Pashmins - these are sold at low prices. Avoid buying these as they are Artificial

Pashmini Goat
Crafting of Pashmina Shawls

The Wool for the Shawls are shed by the Pashmina Goats. In the Spring Season, the goats shed their outer cover for the new skin to come. These are then collected by the weavers. The weavers then make a distinction of very pure and pure wools. These are then woven on Kargha ( the winding machine). The designs and patterns are decided and then the weaving is done. Once the weaving is complete these are then dipped in natural colors, made from flowers to give different colors to the Shawls.

Most of the Pashmina Shawls have only one color throughout. However, there are varieties of Pashmina Shawls which are being woven these days - pure pashmina, pure ring pashminas, silk blended pashminas, two tone pashminas, ombre/gradient pashminas, pashmina with furs, beaded pashmina, aristocrat pashmina and brides pashmina.

Though most of the Pashmina which are sold in the Market are of pure wool, still for those who cannot afford the high ranges of Pure Pashmina, can go for Viscous Pashmina. Viscous Pashmina have a blend of Viscous which is an artificial silk look giving agent. However, one should avoid buying these as the Viscous does not have the warmth which a pure wool has.

The Price range of Pashmina Shawl begins from Rs 4000/ - and can go as high as Rs 20,000. The very high ranges can be for bedsheets and curtains made out of pure Pashmina found only in Kashmir and Ladakh.

  • Pure Pashmina is very rare and so is highly priced. If someone is selling it at a low price, then its artificial.
  • Buying Pashmina from Emporiums can be a bit costly, but then there is a surety of it being pure. Purchase from Government Emporiums if you are buying outside Ladakh and Kashmir.
  • A true Pashmina is very light in weight, soft like silk and is highly priced. See the WoolMark on it - the trademark of pure wool in India.
  • Take a Guarantee Card from the Shopkeeper, if you are buying a Pashmina Shawl.
  • Its best to buy Pashmina from Kashmir, but if you are not able to do so, then buy from a Authentic Shop - never from Roadside. Roadside Shopkeepers (except Kashmir and Ladakh), never have Pashmina.
  • The price range of Pashmina Shawls ranges from Rs 4000/- and goes upto Rs 20,000/- as per the quality of wool and silk. However, cushion Covers, Table Cloths, Stalls can come in a price range of Rs 2000/-..
  • Ask the local dealer for the current prices.

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