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Silk Handbags

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Hand Bags are a Womans Charm. And if you are talking about Silk Handbags, then there is nothing better she can ask for. Out of all the accessories, what women likes best are either her Jewelry or her Handbags. The concept of Handbags evolved in England long time back and now it has covered all other parts in the world.

Indian Handbags come in a variety; they differ according to the State and the Region. The colors, the designs. embroidery and even the stitching pattern differs as per the region where it is being made. Out of the variety of handbags being made in the country, the silk handbags are amongst the softest of all. Stitched delicately and made with fine hands, these were a part of the Mughal Empire. With the changing times, the silk bags have changed themselves in their design and usage.

Today we can find a variety of them, stitched with various purpose. Some are made with daily use, some for office use, some for fashion and others for party use. These are priced as per the quality of stitch and the cloth used.
Fast Facts
» Best Quality Found : Kerala
» Traditional Use : For carrying light items as cosmetics
» To be Used In: Weddings, Indian Ceremonies, Parties
» Where to Shop: Kerala, Hyderabad, Bengal and Gujarat

Beaded Handbag
Beads and Sequins Silk Handbag:
Beads and Sequins make the Silk Hand Bag look more elegant and beautiful. Take a pick of the one which has more needle work on it and which suits the color of your party dress!

Pink Handbag
Silk Hand Bag:
There is a variety of Silk Handbags - Velvet, Satin, Quilted, Denim and Cotton. These all when stitched with the Silk handbag, give it a new design. Still, the pure Silk Handbag is the best.

Crafting of Silk Handbags

The Silk comes from Murshidabad (West Bengal), the stitching is done by the local workers, the designs are made by the local and the state designers and final craftsmanship is done by the local dealer. So many people are involved in the making of one handbag which is one the most important part of Indian Womens accessory. That is the beauty of the Indian Silk which is famous worldover. Other than Murshidabad, places like Agra and Jabalpur too make silk handbags.

For the Silk handbag the base is the pure matt, which is stitched all over by pure silk. Once so stitched, the handbag is then cut into the desired design. There are three major parts for any of the Silk Handbag. First is the main handbag, second is the inner pockets (ranging from one to three) and the last is the belt (around 100 cms long) to carry it on the shoulder.

Both the main handbag and the Inner Pocket has a zipper. Sometimes it may not be so, depending upon the design of the handbag. Some handbags are open, some with cover leaf and some come with zipper - it all depends upon the design.

  • Silk Handbags are made all over India, but they are best made in South India.
  • Though most of the time, the base of the Silk Handbag is of Matt, but it may not be so always. Sometimes, the entire work is done on silk, but then the price is exorbitant.
  • Handbags may be carried as and when liked, but since the silk is very light and delicate, its use should be restricted to minimum.
  • Heavy metals, scissors, small knifes, nailcutters and such sharp edged things should be avoided from being carried in the Silk Handbag.
  • Most of the Silk Handbags come in bright colors, as silk looks good in bright colors. Some of the varieties of Silk Handbag are Beaded handbags, Classic Handbags, Oriental Silk Handbags and Silk Paint Handbag.
  • Silk Handbags can be easily washed at home, but if done so, then the washing should be separate. However, if the bags have Zaris on them, then they should be only dry-cleaned and not hand washed.
  • The price range of Silk Handbags ranges from Rs 500/- and goes upto Rs 5000/- as per the quality of the Silk. The Size, the embroidery and the silk are the main factors for the price of the Silk Handbag.
  • Silk Handbags can be purchased from any of the Good Shops - from Showrooms to Handlooms. But the price of the Silk Handbags is lowest in the Villages where they are crafted. So do take a tour of the Indian Villages to have a true picture of how they are made.

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