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Khajuraho Temples

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The fascinating temples of Khajuraho, India's unique gift of love to the world, in the state of Madhya Pradesh, were built between 950 and 1050 A.D. Khajuraho derives its name from the Khajur tree (the date palm tree) which can be found in abundance in the area. Khajuraho is a well visited tourist center. This village houses several temples built in the Indo Aryan Nagara style of architecture. Temples of Khajuraho have captivate the attention of a visitor with their marvelous art.
'Stellar specimen of impeccable architectural skill'

The popular Khajuraho temple is situated in Madhya Pradesh. Khajuraho is a fascinating village with a quaint, rural ambience and a rich cultural heritage. The Khajuraho temples are internationally famous for the erotic sculptures that adorn the walls. Journey through the past: Khajuraho, the ancient "Kharjjuravahaka", was the main seat of authority of the Chandela rulers who accentuated the place with sculptural art and architectural marvel. The Chandela dynasty built eighty-five temples here. Today only twenty remain as an archetype of Indian sculptural art.

Eastern Temples
Southern Temples:
Southern group of temples are five kms from the Khajoraho village. This group has two temples only both being Hindu, the Chaturbhuj temple and the Duladeo temple. Chaturbhuj temple has a massive, intricately carved image of Vishnu. Duladeo temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.
Wastern Temples
Eastern Temples:
This group consists mainly of Jain and Hindu temples. The Parsavanath temple is the finest in the group. The carvings depict the timeless beauty of a women. The other Jain temples are Ghantai, Adinath temple. This group also has three hindu temple- Brahma, Vamana and Javari temples.

Chitragupta Temple
Western Temples:
The Chaunsat Yogini is the oldest surviving shrine out of the three granite temples dedicated to Godess Kali. The main temple is the Kandariya Mahadeo. The shrine has an exquisitely carved entrance arch with a variety of themes,captured in stone and frozen in time. Located close to it is the Matangeshwara temple, where deity (Shiva) is still worshipped everyday.The Lakshman temple is finest of the western group of temples and has four shrines attached to it. The Devi Jagdamba temple is known for its erotic sculptures and houses Khajuraho's most talked-about image, the mithuna (the sensuously carved figures of amorous couples).

Spectacular Khajuraho:
Khajuraho Temples are famous for their candid eroticism and delicate sensuality. The architectural work is based on a theme (women), unlike other temples.The intricacy achieved in ornaments, hairstyles, clothes reiterate the incredible skill of the artisans. There are three groups of temples at Khajuraho- Western, eastern and southern.

Dance Festival :
Every spring the stones of Khajuraho come to life during the prestigious 7-day Khajuraho Dance Festival. It is a cultural festival for the celebration of the Indian classical dance and music, believed to have basically originated in the Hindu temples. This is a time when the glory of the temples is celebrated with true fervour and joy. Visitors are also drawn to a dance festival, celebrated in March, which attracts some of the best classical dancers in the country.

Trip Schedule:
Visiting Khajuraho is an exciting experience. The temples can be explored in one full day. If you happen to be here in the month of March then the dance festival will be an added bonanza in your itinerary.
Summer: Summer 47 Deg. C. 21 Deg. C.
Winter: Winter 32 Deg. C. 4 Deg. C.
Rainfall: 114 cm. July-September
Best Season: October to March.

Travel Connectivity:
» By Air: Regular services link Khajuraho with Delhi, Agra, and Varanasi.
» By Rail: The nearest railheads are Harpalpur (94 Km) and Mahoba (61 Km). Jhansi (172 Km) is a convenient railhead for those traveling from Delhi and Chennai; Satna (117 Km), on the Mumbai-Allahabad line of the Central Railway for those coming from Mumbai, Kolkata and Varanasi.
» By Road: Khajuraho is connected by regular buses with Satna, Harpalpur, Jhansi and Mahoba.

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