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Geographical Location of India

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Himalayan MountainsNuzzled betwixt Pakistan, China and Nepal is the South Asian subcontinent of India, a cosmos with a harlequin diversity and rich cultural heritage. Dating back to times unknown India has been standing as the one of the antediluvian civilization of the world. Firmly holding its position of the Seventh Largest and Second densely populated country in the world, India is punctuated with mountain ranges and hydrospheres rendering it a geographical distinctiveness. Fringed by Arabain Sea in the West, the Bay of Bengal in the East and the Indian Ocean in the South, it also cuddles Himalayas from Kashmir in the North. Teeming with hillocks, seas and oceans, plateaus, tropical rain forests and sandy deserts India has extremum with regards to its geographical location in the Asian Continent.

Geography of India constitutes of snow-clad mountains, calm cerulean banks and shores, astounding variations in flora and fauna and climate. The geographical enormity and expanse of India is as diverse as its genetic cultural diversity. A dazzling sapphire like Himalayas and sober Southern hilly coastal terrains, the Western and Eastern Ghats and the Indian Ocean, the calm Thar desert, the emerald like lush clement coasts all capitulates and paint India as a picturesque land.

Mentioning the geographical location of India, it envelops a vast expanse of 32,87,2631 sq. km. It is situated in the Northern hemisphere stretching 3214 km from north south between extreme latitudes and about 2933 km from east to west between extreme longitudes. Countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, China, Nepal and Pakistan brushes the boundaries of India. The highest elated point of India is Kanchenjunga with an altitude of 8,598 meters whereas the lowest elated point is Indian Ocean at 0 meters.

The immense provincial differences in the climate emerges from chilling mountain meadows and glaciers, through breezy plateaus and warm deserts. In addition to provincial variety, the temporal feature of India makes the climate so diversified. Difference in heat or coldness rests on the months of the year. Phenomenally it is cooler in Winters (October to March) in Northern Regions. The Southern terrains are cooler from November to January. The South West Monsoon in the month of June causes hefty rains in South India. Identically in the months of October to December the north-east monsoon appears in the Bay of Bengal, bringing rains to the east coast. Moreover, the seasons of spring and autumn bring renewed vigor in India.

Some remarkable physical features of the country are Himalayan Mountain, The Indus-Ganga-Brahmaputra Plain, Peninsular plateaus, Western ghats, Eastern Ghats, the Coastal moors and the Islands. India also has a significantly peculiar River Mechanism. The The Himalayan Rivers, The Deccan Rivers, The Coastal Rivers and The Rivers of the Inland Drainage Basin contribute to lavish watercourse.

Furthermore with the stupefying topographical variations, India is distinct in its implausible cultural diversity owing to the subsistence and coexistence of numerous religions, lifestyles and traditions. Such is the geography of India- home to Indus Valley Civilization. So varied, so unique and quite intricate - a hybrid of many phenomenons.

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