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Indian History

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Tribes of IndiaWhat new should we say that hasn't been read, written or spoken about India. India home to the world's largest democracy is a historians wonderland and most of all a heritage monumental glory. It carries the rich historical legacy, which originated more than 5000 years ago with the emergence of the Indus Valley Civilization. The story of India is one of the great epics of world history. The country influenced by thousands of years of ancient civilizations, invasions, religions and countless cataclysms has shaped the destiny of mankind.

All the books of Indian History open from Indus Valley Civilization, which spread around he 8th century. Long before the emergence of the Indus Valley Civilization, there were Neanthredals or the Adi Manavas who used to cultivate land and kept domestic animals for their survival. Over thousands of years, an urban culture began to emerge from these tribes, particularly from 3500 BC, with the rise of two main cities of Mohenjadaro and Harappa. The age marked the origin of many great ideas, philosophies and movements that paved the way for new inventions and development of human mind towards the progress . By the middle of the 3rd millennium BC, the Harappans traded with Mesopotamia and developed the system of weights and measurements, Slowly and slowly the art began to developed in the form of terracotta and bronze figurines. Than came the Iron Age Vedic Period, which witnessed the rise of major kingdoms known as Mahajanpadas. During this time in the 6th Century, Mahavira and Gautam Buddha, two highly revered saints were born..

Islam came to India when Arab General Muhammed Bin Qasim conquered India in the 10th Century. Islamic Invasions continued during the 10th and 15th Century when Invaders from Muhammed Ghaznavi to Mughals. Mughal rule expanded itself to the Northern India introducing middle eastern art and architecture to India. In addition to the Muhghals, there came the Hindu Kingdoms like the Maratha Empire, Vijayanagara Empire and the various Rajput Kingdoms. It was the 18th Century which saw a decline in the Mughal Empire. Then came the Afghans, Balochis and the Sikhs till the Britishers came.

Under the Britishers, India came to be ruled under the British East India. Beginning in the 18th Century and over the next century India was annexed under the British Rulers. It was during the beginning of 20th century, the struggle for Indian Independence begun which ended in the year 1947 when India regained its pre British Era Independence. It also gave birth to a new Nation called Pakistan. And after this another new nation called Bangladesh in the year 1971. What we see today is called the New India. India as a developing country. And that is what is the History of India.

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