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Gaddis - The Khanabadosh Tribe

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Gaddis are the Tribes of the Himachal Pradesh, residing in the Dauladher Range. The peculiarity of the Gaddis lie in their Khanabadosh Nature - they are Gypsies in true nature as they travel to the higher pastures along their flocks in the summer season and so are transhumance in their traditional practice.
In the earlier years the Ancestors of Gaddis left India during their tough times. Later on with the Chauhan Rajputs Brahman Gaddis descended to the place called Chamba in Himachal Pradesh. From those years, Gaddis and their generations have been living in Chamba along with the flocks. Aside from Chamba, they are also found in Kangra district, near Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh .

Many Face Of Gaddis :
Gaddi Dance
Gaddis Dance

They go round an round in circles as they dance to the tune of music and drums. The hip hop goes on as the beat of the drum increases, till the feet are dead tired.

Gadis - The Gypsies
Gaddis - The Khanabadosh

Better known as Gypsies, the Gaddis is the nomadic tribe who shifts to upper heights in the summers with their flocks. It has become a tradition followed from generations.

Gaddi Women
The Culture of Gaddis

Gaddis have a mix of Cultures. Some of them accepted Islam , in fear of Aurang Zeb, other remains Hindus. Its a mix culture, which the Gaddis follow, but the most important thing to Gaddis is the 25 yards long strand which they tie around their wrist. It is worn by both men and women as the symbol of the tribe. The strand known as DORA is tied with two coils at a time.

The main work of the Gaddis is the rearing of the sheep and making wool. They also sell goat meat for a modest lifestyle.
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