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Chokhi Dhani

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Chokhi Dhani means a small village, so we can say Chokhi Dhani is a well recreated Rajasthani Village. This one is the special one of Rajasthan. Any tour to Rajasthan is incomplete without a stay at Chowky Dhani. This 5 star RESORT is a perfect place for a peaceful stay. Colors of Rajasthan have been added to spark the stay here.

Each and every corner of Chowki Dhani speaks of Rajathan. From wherever you walk into this place, it will tell you about the tales of Rajasthan, its land, its culture and its people. Live with Cultural dances of Rajasthan, handicrafts like pottery, rural attractions like camel and cow rides; palm reades, chokhi dhani of Jaipur makes for a perfect weekend destination especially for those who live in the connecting cities like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana.

Fast Facts
  • Location - Jaipur (Rajasthan)
  • Language - Rajasthani, English, Hindi
  • Check in And Check Out Time - 12 Afternoon
  • Cost per room - Single - $ 50/ Rs 3000; Double- $100/ Rs 5000; Suites - $ 186 / Rs 8000; * Fair Prices of rooms are subject to change. Check before reserving.
  • Facilities Provided - 24 Hour Room service, telephone facility (payable by the user), laundry, Television, Mini Bar, Mini Refrigerator, Hot and Cold running water. Snooker room, car hire facilities, Health Club, Currency exchange are some of the exclusive facilities provided here.

* Special Attraction - Puppet Shows, Fire and cultural dance programs.

Hawa Mahal
Hawa Mahal
This everlasting Palace of the Pink City has always been a charm for the tourists from all over the world. The beauty of the Palace lies in the thousand Jaalis made in Honeycomb manner which make way for the winds throughout the year. Maybe its the reason the Hawa Mahal is also called Palace of Winds ! A must see place for Jaipur Touristor.

Jal Mahal
Jal Mahal
A palace dipped in waters, surrounded by the lake, thats something magnificent. Jaipur houses such a palace which is surrounded by water from all the four sides. With its five floors under the Lake water, it makes for a must sought after place. Once a place for bird watching and hunting, today its a place for the visitors to come and stay in this palace to enjoy the ripples of lake water.

Chowki Dhani

Its the pure magic of Rajasthan that speaks here. From the entrance to the rooms everything has a spark of Rajasthan in it. The interiors of the room is filled with small miniature Rajasthani paintings, wooden beds and sofas, linen of silk and handicraft, Television, a mini bar and curtains on with a outside view of a village. If you want to relish the typical Rajasthni Food in its full flevor then there can be nothing better than Chowki Dhani. With the full ambiance of Rajasthan and the Rajsathai Music flowing in the background, the taste and the aroma of the food is at its best here. You can also see the Rajasthani Culture without going to any Rajasthai Home - for all the things which are added here, the dress up, the sitting postures, the dancers, the music, the cottages, bars and the dining hall - all are made keeping in view the Rajasthani Culture. Its truly Rajasthani !

» About Chokhi Dhani:

There are the showpieces hanging on the wall made of handicrafts, floor that is made of baked mud, walls which too are made of mud with hand made designs on them, sofas of wood and lights with light ambiance. Outside the huts you will find dining hall and bar known as BAKHARI AND BINDOLA.

BINDOLA Dining Hall has a Royal ambiance with a sprawling lawn, seating of 2000 people and Continental, Chinese and Ethnic Rajasthani food at your fingertips. BAKHARI has a different view of a bar with a Machan and Mud Plastered seats. But what is more relishing is the Rajasthni Food which is also the true essence of Chokhi Dhani. With varities like Dal Bati Choorma, Sarson Ka Sag, Lassi, various chutnies, pure ghee laded rotis, dal and butter; the food brings out the best of Chokhi Dhani.

The real life of Chowky Dhani begans as the sun drowns itself in the clouds. Here one can see the puppet show, the Rajasthani dances, cracker show and game here. The morning has attractions like the camel ride and the boating. There are bars too - one the bigger one and another the smaller one. Chowki Dhani has Conference Halls for Business Meetings. These Halls are laded with projectors and Air Conditioners for a comfortable meeting. The Cottages are the A.C. and the Non - A.C. ones. There are 65 cottages at present in which one can have a comfortable stay. In addition to all these there are facilities like Doctor On Call, 24 hour Telefax/ISD, Ayurvedic Spa, Hot and Cold Water, Car Parking, Travel Assistance, Car Hire Service, Lockers, Currency Exchange, Laundry, and 24 hrs room service.

Jaipur is a famous place with places like Hawa Mahal (famous for its honey comb jaalis of window), Jantar Mantar (the old age observatory), Jal MAHAL (Palace with five storeyes inside the water), City Palace and the Blue Pottery. The Rotating Hotel is one of the famous places to have food at. And don't forget to buy the typical Rajasthani jewelery.

* Chokhi Dhani is also a place to take a excursion from. From Chokhi Dhani you can take a tour of the entire Jaipur. All the major attractions of the city can be seen in a span of two days with ease.

Excursion from Chokhi Dhani :
Make a tour of the beautiful City from Chokhi Dhani itself. Here is how you can and where you can :

» Jaipur City Palace - This intruging Palace of Jaipur is famous for its Royal Carnages and the Royal Rooms. A part of the palace is still open for visitors. Take a walk around the palace and see the beautiful combination of Mughal and Rajasthani in its corridors and facades. The City Palace also houses the famous Sawai Madho Singh Museum which has the huge Silver Urns and the Royal Bagghis. A must see !

» Hawa Mahal - Hawa Mahal is the icon of Jaipur City. Anyone visiting the Pink City cannot leave without seeing this piece of Rajasthani Architecture. Thousand Jalis made to work as todays Air Conditioners make sure that the entire Palace is filled with cool and warm airs as per the changing temperatures, that too throughout the year.

» Rotating Restaurant - One of the most known Restaurants of Jaipur City. Rotate while you eat, you can see the entire city by just sitting at your table. Food is the finest with all sorts of cuisine including the Rajasthani Cuisine. Fully Air Conditioned, its cosy atmosphere and the height will make you feel being in the heart of the city.

» Lake Palace - The adventurers delight, a place which once used to be filled with Kings and Prince shooting the birds, is today a Birdwatchers Place. Though shooting is not allowed these days, still this place fascinates its visitors to come here as five floors of the Lake Palace are inside the Lake Water leaving behind the two which are above the water table. Best visited in the months of July and August.

» Chandni Mahal Diners Club - The famous Chandni Palace inside the Jaipurs City Palace was once the Private Entourage of the Queen. The Palace has a large Royal Dininnig Place which once was the place for the Queens Guests. Here were the private parties of the Queen held. Today it has been opened for the public to have the Royal Dinners. It opens in the evening after 6 p.m. and remains open till midnight. Have your Dinner here in the Royal Carnage by paying a minimum amount.
Our Suggestions
  • Jaipur is a famous place with places like Hawa Mahal (famous for its honey comb jaalis of window), Jantar Mantar (the old age observatory), Jal MAHAL (Palace with five storeyes inside the water), City Palace and the Blue Pottery. The Rotating Hotel is one of the famous places to have food at. And don't forget to buy the typical Rajasthani jewelery
  • Avoid the monsoon season as the sand here doesn't soke the rain water well.
  • Food of all varieties is available here, and that too in ample.
  • Make Rajasthan tours from here like the Jodhpur - Bikaner tour. The palaces and Havelis are a MUST SEE places.
  • Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary, Kalaidoghana National Bird Sanctuary, Mehrangarh and Amber Fort, Sawai Man Singh Mahal and Museum are some of the places to take the children to. There are other famous places like Jantar Mantar, Moti Doongri, Sisodia Rani Ka Bag, Jaigardh Fort, Nahargardh Fort, Jai Mahal Palace. With so many palaces Jaipur is truly a Palace City.
  • Camel Safaris in any part of Rajasthan and the Elephant ride up the hill at Amber Fort are a MUST DO'S to get a feel of Rajasthan
  • For Tours and further information, contact us.

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