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The Village

Its called Chenganur, the place just 12kms from where Arnamula Village is located. Famous in the world for its unique metal mirrors which are at par se to the glass mirrors, this village stands on its own. Boat racing, architecture and yoga are its traditions. Its in the South Indian State Kerala, in the District called Pathanamthitta, this tiny village Aranmula is located.

One of the traditional Villages of Kerala, Aranmula is located about 110 kms north of Trivandrum and 125 kms South of Cochin. It has a historical significance. It is said that the idol of the ages old temple Thiruaranmula Parthsaaradhi Temple was personally used by Arjuna, the third of the Pandavas (of Mahabharata fame).

This village is especially famous for its art of building buildings. Locally called as Vaasthu Vidya Gurukulam, this traditional art of architecture makes one of the best breed of architectures in the country.

Fast Facts
» Location - Pathanamthitta,Elanthoor, Kozhencherry
»District - Kerala
» Best time -August to March end
»Accomodation - Small three star hotels in the vicinity of Aranmula.

Facets Of Aranmula :
Metal Mirror
Metal Mirrors
If you want to see a miracle, fetch this one. This mirror purely made up of metal, with not even a inch of glass in it will have your face glittering on it, just like any other glass mirror. Locally it is known as Aranmula Kannadi.

Snake Boat Race
Snake Boat Race
Upto 100 feet long boat, thousands of onlookers and the grand feat on the banks of river Pampa, is something you will get in this famous boat race held in mid- September. Nehru Trophy is the possessed prize on gets on winning this race. A must see!

Aranmula Boat Race
Art and Craft

Aranmula is the place famous for its metal mirrors known as Aranmula kannadi. It is not made from glass but metal (the metal used in makiing the glass is the same used for making a temple bell). Its creation is a closely guarded secret handed over from to generations to generations. The legend goes like this that eight families of the experts in art and craft had been brought by the Royal Chief of Aranmula to make certain parts of the Parthasarathy Temple centuries ago. While working on the metal one of these workes discovered the reflective property of the metal. Thus came into life the metal mirror which is so famous today.

Local People

Nearly three fourth of the village is dependent on agriculture. The staple food of the people of Aranmula is rice, accompnied by a host of vegetables and a variety of pulses. Fish is the most common ingredient in Malyalam Cusine. Each year tourists from Australia, Canada, England and other European countries come here to see the marvels of this tiny yet talented Village. The Villagers celebrate the Snake Boat Festival with zest and frevor. Its a annual festival and is commemorative of an ancient tradition rooted about 600 years ago.

Tourist Attractions

There are a number of attractions in Aranmula Village :

» Snake Boat Race : The Snake Boat Race beguns in mid September, has its boats made in this village only. The Snake Boat Race is held at Pamapa River. Locally known as Chundan Vallomkali , this rythmic show which has the boats going 100 feet in length invites people from all over the world. Then there are the mural paintings refering to the 18th centuary are made by the good old painters of this village only.

» Vinjana Culture Centre : he dance dramas of the Kerala performed in traditional costumes, are a major attraction here. These dances are integral to visitor experience.

» Kathakali Dance Dramas : It exhibits energy in its five forms - Earth, Fire, Water, Wind and Space or Air.

Our Suggestions
  • One of the famous villages of India, its known as to the world as the village who produces wonder mirrors. Visit this village for its exquisitness.
  • The temples in the Village and the surroundings here are a perfect blend of nature and the aroma of a village.
  • Kerala - the Gods own country is a unique tourist destination. It is famous for its temples, hill stations and mouthwatering delicacies. Places like Munnar, Thekkady, Periyar, Kumarakom are the favourite tourist destinations in Kerala. Kettuvulumns in the backwaters of Kerala are the must dos of Kerala Tourism.
  • The food of the Kerala is explicitly famous all over the world, the mouthwatering delicacies would let you leave the other varities of food.
  • ARANMULA is a small village. Though things of daily use are easily available, still if there are any specific requirements of yours, you should bring them along.
  • For any clarifications we are there to resolve them. Contact us anytime, anywhere

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