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Ballavpur Danga

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The Village

Shantiniketan is a small village in Calcutta. Despite of it being a small village it is very famous - for the reason that it has a Shantiniketan school established by Great Indian Poet and Philospher Rabindra Nath Tagore. It is near this place lies another small village called the Ballavpur Danga Village. Its a Santhal Tribal Village with the beauty of Bengal in its roots. Its just 3kms from Shantiniketan - the famous village of West Bengal.

Fast Facts
» Location - Bolpur, Sriniketan, Suri, Birbhum
»District- West Bengal
» Best time - September to March end.
» Accommodation - Hotel Camelia - 3 star hotel and other hotels at a distance of 5kms from Bribhum, Santiniketan and Prantik.

Famous Sites:
Rainwater Channel
Ballavpur Bird Sanctuary
This small Bird Sactuary is a perfect place to be in for 2 - 3 days. Deer, migratory birds and the water flowing by takes to the world of these peaceful animals. Its a good place for children too as there no tigers and lions here. Don't forget to bring binaculors for the best view of the birds.

Just 3 kms from Ballavpur Danga Village, its the same famous school which produced the Iron Lady and Prime Minister of India - Indira Gandhi. Established by Noble Lauterate Rabindra Nath Tagore, it takes you down the memory lane. A perfect place to be in while you are in Ballavpur Danga Village.

Santhal People
Art and Craft

Ballavpurs Santhali art and craft with designs on the walls, floors and doors of the homes made from red earth and cowdung. The Santhalis have fairs like the Srinilketan Krishi Mela, Chandi Das Mela and Chabbish Prahar. In the Ballavpur Danga Village there is a "Hat" - a small fair every Saturday which comprises of things of daily use. Its a small market place for the simple people of Ballavpur Danga.

Local People

The Santhals are the indigeneous people who have a natural bonding with the Wilds. Farming, daily labourhood makes for the profession of Ballavpur Danga people. Some of them have also taken up as Goldsmiths. Their food comprises of rice, pulses and fish. Sura is the locally made drink which the ballavpuras relish.

Tourist Attractions
There are a number of attractions in Gujarat Science City :

»Tarapith : This local temple has a lot of significance from the villagers view of point.

»Museum : Museum and a Gallery filled with Santhali Paintings and artifacts is a must visit in this village.

» Bakreshwar Hot Spring : The water of this hot water spring is supposed to cure a number of ailments. A single dip is supposed to be enough.

»Sonjuhri Forest : As it is called by the Ballavpur people, this forest is the inhabitation place for a number of birds.. And just complying with the borders of the forest there is a Bird Sanctuary filled with Migratory birds. Deer, birds, Mayurakshi Canal and the scenic beauty makes it a perfect place to have a 2 - 3 days stay.

Our Suggestions
  • Its a beautiful village, being here is a different experience. The season of winters is the best time to be here as its neither very cold nor very warm in this season.
  • Talk with the villagers about Rabindra Nath Tagore and they will have stories to tell, its a cool and calm place to stay in for a couple of days.
  • Calcutta is a beautiful place to be in. There are beautiful in and around Calcutta to see - Victoria Memorial, Rabindra Badi (Home), Howrah Bridge, Hanging Bridge, Dakshineshwar Temple, St Johns Church, St. Cathedral Church, Birla Planitoium, Birla Temple, National Museum (it takes entire three days to see the whole of the museum) are the must sees of Calcutta. Presidency College is one of the oldest an most Prestigious Colleges of its time.
  • Bengalis have a variety of fish in their food, so if you want to try out the varieties of fish, then Bengal is the best place in India.
  • Ballavpur Danga is a small village, so its better to have the essential things with you. Other things are relatively easy to be found here.
  • For any clarifications we are there to resolve them. Contact us anytime, anywhere

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