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The Village

The Capital of Kadambas, this ancient temple town has its own significance as per the religious aspect. Located in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka , it is a beautiful village to visit. Banavasi Village has a community of 1500 artistans who are involved in artistian fields like carpentry, sandalwood, carving, basket making, pottery, black smithy, shoe mending and rangoli.

As per the mythology, the village community dates back to C325- 540 C.E - the Kadambas of Banavasis. Talagunda inscription of C450 C.E states that Mayursharma was the progenitor and the dynasty got the name because of the Kadamba tree considered holy which grew at their early house. Kadamba Kingdom reached its pinnacle under Kakustha (C405-30 C.E) who was a great builder. Huen Tsang, the Chinese traveler-monk who was in India between 630-644 C.E, visited Konkanapura or Banavasi. He has recorded that there were a hundred monasteries of both Hinayana and Mahayana sects with 10,000 Buddhist monks and priests.

Then there is the lake called the Gudhapura Lake which adds to the beauty of the village. Distinctive agricultural practices, indigenous system of medicine and traditional dwellings are the main attractions of Banavasi Village. Its a good weather here round the year but September to January are the best months.

Fast Facts
» Location - Banavasi, Uttar Kannada
»District- Karnataka
» Best time - September to March end.
» Accomodation - Heritage Village Restaurants at a distance from Banavasi.

Famous Sites:
Ancient Temple in Banavasi
Kadambotasava Festival
If you want to see the true Indian Culture, then this is the festival not to be missed out. Cultural poems, dances and songs are sung in this festival , true to the Indian Roots.

Banavasi Temple Cave Nandi
The Art
Various facets of Indian Art can be seen here in this palce called the Banavasi home. Sculpting, moulding, carving , painting - all of them speak together in this place. Look out for these various art forms in one place - Banavasi Village.

Banavasi Temple
Art and Craft

There is a community called Gudigar community of Banavasi who are ace craftsmen. Carving, sculpting, painting and moulding are their fields of work. They are excellent workers in sandalwood work and teakwood carving. In the months of November, December and January the annual Banawasi Kalamela is held. In this fair of local craftsmanship one can see and experience the work and warmth of these caraftmans. If you happen to visit the Vaijayanti, see Varnaloka - the art gallery by Shreepad Purohit - which is worth a visit.

Tourist Attractions
There are a number of attractions in Banvasi Village :

» Car Festival : Car Festival is held here in the month of March.It is the world famous festival after Jagannath Rath Yatra of Puri.

» Kadambotasava Festival :In this festival, poems are sung in the praise of the Lord Krishna. Kadamb is a famous tree in which Lord Krishna used to sit in his childhood days and played pranks. From those days upon, this tree is revered as Lord Krishnas second home.

» Lakshadweepotsava Festival :t is held in the month of November/December. It is beautiful to see thousands of Diyas lit up at the same time in Lakshadweepotsava.

» Banavasi Kalamela : Sandalwood work, pottery, rangoli, carving are the things one should see while in this village festival.

» Varanloka : It is an Art Gallery - worth going places in Banavasi Village.

Local People

Sandalwood caftsmen, metal and stone work artists, painters, basket weavers and potters are the kind of simple people you find here. Distinctive agricultural practices, medicinal and traditional dwelling mark the presence of the people of Banavasi. Folk dances, classical musicians and yakshangana artists are the main blood running in the veins of these village people.

Our Suggestions
  • The distinguisness of Banavasi Village is the people who live here. The hardworking and simple people are admirable intheir own sense.
  • The art and the mural paintings are the ones which reflect the lifestyle of the people of Banavasi. If you want to see the reflection of Indian Village then this is the place to be in.
  • Karnataka is a beautiful and one of the famous Indian Tourist Destinations. Places like Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore are the must go s. The Palaces, Gardens and the National Sanctuaries are the main attractions of these places..
  • Cradle of Indian Architecture - Aihole is the Village with huindred temples. Karnataka is also famous for its World Heritage Site - Hampi - The City which still showcases its glamour in all colors. Mangalore city is famous for its lush greenery and azure beaches. And Bangalore is known to the world as City of Palaces.
  • South Indian Food is an attraction in itself. The stumpuous and mouthwatering delicacies of South India are an experience in themselves.
  • However Banavasi is a small village. though most of the daily requirements can be met from the local market of this place but any exquisite thing - you should bring it with you.
  • For any clarifications we are there to resolve them. Contact us anytime, anywhere

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