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The Village

Derived from the Gujarati word Hodi , meaning Boat - this rural village is believed to be inhabited about 300 years ago by Haleopotra Clan. In WORLDLY SENSE, the villages of Hodka are known as Jheels - places where portable water is avialable.

Mud or mati is the basic of the Hodka Village. They live in Mud Huts called the Bhunga. These Bhungas are circular in shape. The thick walls of the Maati keep the interiors cool in the summers and warm in the winters. The thached roof protects the walls of the huts which are beautifully painted from inside. The women use mud mirror works to paint the different motifs of the hut.

Bheth, Vaai, Kaafi, Daastan, Aaradhi and Maulood are some of the forms of gayaki (singing style), each sung in a unique form, based on the content and the mood of the song.

Fast Facts
» Location - Hodka, Bhuj, Rann Of Kachchh, Gujarat.
»District- Mandla
» Best time - October to February end
» Accommodation - Sham a Sarhad Rural Resort and other such resorts near the Village premises.

Famous Sites:
Hodka Village
The Great Rann of Kutchchh
Just like the Tumbktu of Africa, this Rann of Kutchchh seems impossible to cross, just a few years back. For many it is still so. Being here on the back of a camel is still considered to be a tough task. To do so is adventurous. So be here!

Chhari Dhand
The Dhand
The small and vast water curvatures, some even extending to 10kms attract bird from far lands. One of the favourite places for the immigrant birds, its best to be here in the early morning hours. Nothing less than a Wildlife Bird Sanctuary. Make sure you have the binoculors with you!

Water Jar Hodka
Art and Craft

Creating beauty is a part of life of Hodka people. They are famous for leather craft and traditional motifs. The embroidery work by the women of this village is especially famous. Usually its a family tradition as every young girl imbibes this quality from her mother. On the other hand men practice leather work. They make mojadis (footwear), hand fans, mirrors, wall pieces and belts.

Local People

The the people of Hodka vilage are the ones who spend most of their time in Cattle rearing. The Maldharis as they are called spend most of their day in pastures of their cattle. Music is another way of passing time. Bheth, Vaaj, Kaafi, Daastan, Aaradhi and Maulood are some of the forms of singing. Sufi songs can also be heard here. Women indulge in embroidery work, mud work, bead work, and the men in coal making, cattle rearing, breeding labour and coal making..

The staple food of this vilage consists of bajro, buttermilk, milk products, jaggery and ghee.Hajipir Festival is the most favourite of all. Held in the month of March, this festival is celebrated in the honour of a Haji - a muslim Fakir, who sacrificed his life to save the life of a cow.

Tourist Attractions

There are a number of attractions in Hodka Village :

» The Great Rann Of Kutchchh : The Great Rann of Kutchchh is a huge, flat expanse of pure sand spreading over 16,000 sq km, interrupted occasionally by small uplands that are locally called bets (islands). It is one of the largest seasonal saline wetlands in the world, holding water that is upto a metre and a half deep during the monsoon. But then after the months of October and November, the water begins to dry converting it into a vast, saline desert. Despite of this enviornmental proximity it is a favourite place for species like Flamingo, Pelican, Great Crested Grebe, Black Stork, Brahminy Duck, Common Pochard, Tuffed Pochard, White Eyed Pochard, Gulls, Terns, Stints and Plovers.

»Bannis Biodivesity : Asias finest and and largest Grassland. There are around 15 species of grassland present today. Wild animal species including the chinkara, wolf, houbara bustard and common cranes can be found here. There are around 300 species of birds here including the migratory birds.

»Pachcham Island : To add more to the beauty of the Hodka Village surroundings there is a small island called the Pachcham Island. Surrounded by saline Rann from the three sides and Banni from the South it has an Island like apperance.

»Dhand : The flat grounds of Banni Village has many depressions where rainwater gets collected called the Dhand. One such depression is called the Charri Dhand with an area of 10kms. More than 50,000 waterfowls and 55 distinct animal species have been recorded here, while more than 30,000 birds have been reported during winter. Endangered species like Dalmatian Pelican (Pelicanus crispus), Oriental Darter (Anhingia rufa), Blacknecked Stork (Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus) and Indian Skimmer (Rynchops albicollis) are the main vistiors and migrants of Charri Dhand.

Our Suggestions
  • Gujarat is at all its splendours in the winters, be here in the months of October to February to enjoy the best.
  • Gujarat is a beautiful land, from temples to sea beaches its a beauty to see. Some of the major tourist destinations of Gujarat are Dwarka, Somnath, Pawagadh, Teen Darwaza, Sabarmati Ashram, Science City in Ahmedabad. Then there are festivals like International Kite Festival, Navratri Dances and the Rath Yatra which take place every year. Sea beaches like beaches of Mandwa and Somnath,
  • Gujarat breakfast is the most famous of all , wherever you go in India. Delicacies like Dokhla, Khaman, Papdi, Khakhra and Badis are the most savoured of all. It is a must haves for all those who visit Gujarat. The Gujarati food has a ting of sugar in all its delicacies, which makes the taste more so different. One must try a dish ot two.
  • Hodka, though a small village is a Heritage Village. It has all that is required by any tourister, but still since its a village it is advisable to bring the exquisites.
  • For any clarifications we are there to resolve them. Contact us anytime, anywhere.

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